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2020-04-06 10:15:02 (UTC)

Working from home 🤑

I'm so glad I have a job that I can work from home. Like I said, I'm a Network Engineer and I just have to remote into my work computer from my laptop at home and hit the keyboard clickity-click a few times with the right combination of keys and I get it done. lol. When there is big stuff to work on, I drive to work because I can't have any hiccups. But last week, I got my big stuff done ahead of time so now it's just little things that I have to turn up or make changes to meaning I can work from home. la-dee-dah. If you're curious big stuff are things like building a Palo-Alto vsys, Azure express routes, AWS transit gateways, VMware vcns firewall changes, and some Juniper firewall changes. All that stuff rambling around in my head and more.

That's why at the end of the week, I"m mentally exhausted and I forget the regular stuff like friend's birthdays and such. Only because I'm not the Rainman dude. I can't remember some text a friend sends me or an appt for a social event I promised my friends I'll attend. Unless of course I put it on my Outlook calendar at work. Otherwise, I say whoops a lot.

Today though, it's a good day. I got a pot of coffee with small shrivels left of my cinnamon stick. I'm wearing sweats and the shirt from last night's gym class I taught. Socks and slippers. Didn't comb my hair and I'm sure I have ka-ka breath because I didn't brush my teeth yet. 🤮 I subscribed to Amazon music and have all the songs available to play that I can think of and it's cranking right now. Oh yeah!!! Playing my playlist right now which are all hard rock music.

Heidi want's me to host a gym class tonight. I think that's doable. At least it'll force me to shower, shave, and change my clothes for sure. I had a thought. If only our workplace would let me crank up this music at work, it'd be perfect!!! haha. I'd probably get a call from HR within minutes.

More random thoughts. I think my wine shipments from Mira Flores and Bogle should be coming soon. I have a few Amazon packages coming too along with some Groupon orders.

Got my coffee, logged into work, goofing around ever so slightly online (not using my work desktop), texting my friend on my phone, listening to music via Alexa. I dunno man, I think this is max input for a fella like me. I don't see how peeps can be bored at home. So much to do. The mind is al that needs to be quenched with activities. My cock too I guess would be nice but I can't have everything so this is good enough for now :)

I had to hide the apps running so I don't show any secret stuff that I do.

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