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2020-04-06 13:13:32 (UTC)

when i was property

when was I owned is a fair question. I was first the property of a BBC in tulsa who first had his way with me. when he grew tired his friends had there way with me. when evetone was finished making me a sissy cocok whore I was put out as a whore selling my pussy and cock sucking mouth to any man with 5 for a bj and 10 to use my pussy. I wasnt allowed to come home without 200 dollors an weekdays and 300 a weelend. It was a 1500 a week i owe for upkeep and supervision to be property and a whore and the privalge to suck as much BBC as I wanted and needed. so I ave. 30 cocks a day whoring and another 5 that i was given to them to use as neeeded. plus a few guys a day would pay mester to fuck me so i also did those guys. I miss being a whore who tookin 30 a day and I miss being a BBC owned.