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2020-04-05 21:40:30 (UTC)

Vegging out drinking wine ❤️

I know people are saying they are going nuts being at home and stuff. Well, I'm enjoying the moment. You know how at times you want to be alone and just enjoy the peace and quiet? Well, I do and here it is. Roomie isn't here so it's like God intervened. I couldn't imagine having to stay home with her arguing with her not to leave the house to go to the pizza parlor to get drunk. Nope. Nada. Zippo. All good. Pantry already had a lot of food. Freezer was already full. Bought TP last... December I think and I still have more than enough to last me awhile.

I'm teleworking so I'm lucky enough to get paid during these times being in IT and stuff. All I gotta do is hit the keyboard with the right combinations and voila!! lol. Sure, I"m an extravert. I miss my friends but missing them and knowing there isn't much you can do about doesn't do anyone any good. So my friends are doing zoom events about each and every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. We get as much of a virtual social fix as we can get. We all chat a lot. I now subscribe to a monthly Zoom account so I got that as a communication app to hang with friends.

I think you supply yourself with what you need depending on the situation at hand. No way I'd subscribe to Zoom before and probably never would have if this didn't happen. But here I am, supplying myself with the tools needed for the current times. I mean you can have free zoom meetups without subscribing. I subscribed because my gym session lasts for more than an hr and you're allowed 40 min max with more than 3 people meeting. There is WhatsApp and even hangouts. Lots of other apps Im sure I"m not aware of besides the normal messenger, Facebook, etc, etc. Even a regular phone call. So yeah, just because you aren't physically with someone, it doesn't mean communication has to stop.

So i'm catching up with my series. Walking Dead, Outlander, Better Call Saul, and Ancient Aliens. That's about all I can handle. Got too much work to do and it's actually hard maintaining a house by myself. Well, not the yard. I'm paying someone for that. Did that as a poor kid with my Dad cleaning rich people's yards. I hated it. I had near hobo clothes to wear. So now I pay someone else to clean my yard. I live alone and it's a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, dining, kitchen, family room, back patio, and let's not forget the garage. Sigh... It's nice but dang!! Gotta maintain it. I know. Boo-hoo. lol. Stop bitching :)

That's all I got. Mood is great. I think it's all because I'm working out again. Happy happy joy joy.

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