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2020-04-05 17:08:26 (UTC)

I did it!! Wohoo!! 💪🦵

I wish when I said "I did it" meant I got laid but nope. Still was pretty fun though. I had to subscribe and pay a monthly fee to use the Zoom app. The limit is 3 participants for the free one. Any more and you are limited to 40 minutes. I have a Webex account but was afraid to use it because it's supposed to be for work. So I subscribed I think $14.99 a month but it was worth it. 7 people joined in on my makeshift zoom gym session.

I was nervous at first. Told them that I'm not an official instructor but just someone that participates in the class. But I did fine. This one was complicated because there were so many different stations. And these friends on meetup aren't regular gym peeps so I had to slow it down a bit. I also had to tell them what we were doing , and demo how to do it. Burpees, Sumo Squats, Inch worms with a kick through, pulsating lunges, etc, etc. Sound simple enough and we've heard these common workouts before but it's not common to peeps that don't regularly do it.

Still, we had a lot of fun and they all were tired after that. They broke a sweat and then some. Yay!! It feels good to help someone. And if it launches their want to get into a regular gym later, then I hope I helped plant that seed. If they want more sessions with me, then I'l be glad to do so. I love training. Not gym training but I used to be a trainer in Corporate America. I seem to have a knack for it so it's easy for me to do. Not just going over the "how to" but to inspire someone to want to learn and want to improve. That part I like and enjoy doing.

So I did 7 straight workouts this week starting from Monday. Today wasn't supposed to count but I did enough that my my zone lit up and I got enough of a score that it was like a regular gym session for me.

I thought about maybe starting something with the gym peeps but I decided not to. First of all, I like things the way they are. Don't poop where you eat. I like it and I think I'll keep it that way. But I have to confess a little that I'm not emotionally ready. I was into someone but life happens and I just need some time to be alone and keep self improving.

So it's time for dinner I guess and I earned enough of a workout to watch tv and become a vegetable for a few hrs. Heidi just invited me to another zoom social thing. Sheez. She also says she wants me to book more gym classes regularly now. But I'm good with that I guess. I mean, what else are we doing after work anyway? Pretty much staying at home watching TV turning our brains into mush?
Later peeps :)