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2020-04-05 21:10:26 (UTC)

He paid for stranger's groceries

Rob Westerman and Mike Lewis went to the Kroger store with four hundred dollars in their pockets. The money wasn't meant to buy eggs and milk, however. Instead, the two friends used it to surprise 15 shoppers by buying their groceries for them.

You could see the shock and happiness in the shoppers' eyes as they realized that this stranger just paid for their groceries. One woman offered to pay for the next person's groceries. Another blew him a kiss and said, "I love you!" A third told the cashier, "That just gave me chills!" The final woman in the video cried so hard the cashier went around the counter and gave her a hug. "Now you're going to make me cry," she said.

"Let's truly love our neighbor, whatever that looks like for you. We did this with no strings attached," Westerman told Today. Lewis added that one of the women they helped that day later contacted them and shared that she had asked God for a sign because she was going through a rough time.

Westerman explained to Today, "Our goal is that people see this video and go out and be nice to people. Let someone over, in traffic, or smile at someone."
Daniela Uslan