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2020-04-05 04:30:15 (UTC)

I did love you. I loved you so ..

I did love you. I loved you so intensely and it felt so good.
You don't look at me how you used to. I feel ugly and unwanted.
It hurts when people lose their physical attraction to you but even more so when they lose interest in your personality... and when it's both it's just shit.
You don't laugh at my jokes anymore, you don't want to be near me, every time I try and initiate anything I get rejected. It used to be funny when I'd constantly flirt with you or be inappropriate but now I just feel like a pest. An annoying pest. I think you're trying to convince yourself you do love me but I don't think you do.
I feel like our relationship has aged 40 years in like 3 months. Everything was great. I'm not sure what changed. I can only assume it was me. I'm not funny, interesting or sexy enough anymore. The worst part is I can't be annoyed about that, in fact I completely understand that. I wouldn't want to be with me either.
But this isn't what I signed up for.

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