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Debra-A New Beginning

Debra: A New Beginning
D’Arc Tangent

Debra Cameron Carnegie DeLong entered the school hallway like a multi-coloured windstorm focused on one goal, Preston. Weaving through the throngs of students, Debra finally found her target and charging headlong she closed in on her beau, until she finally had him pinned to the wall by her body, and her mouth covered his in a long, hard kiss. Quickly going from surprise to acceptance to compliance, Preston finally wrapped his arms around Debra and held her close to him as they kissed. Soon, Preston’s body began to respond to the closeness of Debra’s body pressed against his, and there was no way she was not going to notice. Debra finally lowered herself back to the floor, and smiled at her boyfriend.

“That’s what I was going for.” She said, and turned around and backed her buttocks onto the bulge in Preston’s pants, then over her shoulder whispered, “And I always get what I am going for.” Then she moved forward, and softly stroked the erection through his pants, “But let us wait until Friday night.” And she headed to class.

“I see Debra’s here.” Auzzie said as he walked up to his best friend Preston, “You might want to carry your books in front of you until you get to home room.”

“Thank You.” Preston said sardonically.

“Who would have thought that three years ago, when she came to this school, you two would have ended up a couple?” Auzzie said as they walked to class.

“Debra did.” Preston said.

“Damn straight.” His friend replied, “So, you two are still on for Friday?”

“So far.” Preston said, but there was a change in tone to his voice as he said it.

“Having second thoughts?” Auzzie said.

“No, I am totally on board with this, I mean, she is great, and I love her, and this is just the next logical step in that relationship.”

“So Debra says, right?” Auzzie added.

“It is just that, I always thought I would make the first move.”

“With Debra? Where would have gotten an idea like that?” and Auzzie could not disguise the humour in his voice at his friend’s situation.

“Thank you for your support.” Preston said, and then the home room bell sounded, “Later.” And the two went their separate ways. Preston took his seat beside Debra, a situation that sometime in her second year she had managed to talk the teacher into setting up. He smiled at her, for as frustratingly unpredictable as she was, she always managed to come out on top. It was as if she could make things happen by sheer force of will, which is what led Preston to his current predicament, in about three days, he was going to go all the way with his girlfriend, and it scared the crap out of him.

Dancy Cologne sat on the other side of the room and stared at Debra. Once, they were friends, but some time before Debra came into the school, something had happened which turned them into frenemies, and Debra’s subsequent upstaging Dancy at every turn these past three years had not done anything to heal those wounds. Now, the rumour was that Debra, the weird girl dating a nobody, was about to go all the way, before Dancy, who was dating the school quarterback. This was not acceptable. If anyone was going to enter into womanhood, first, it was NOT going to be that little freak.

After homeroom, Dancy met up with her boyfriend, Todd. The tale of Debra’s morning kiss with ‘what’s his name’ spread through the school like a wildfire, and Preston had to endure a series of High-Five’s, so when Dancy finally found Todd, she pressed him against the wall and tried to kiss him.

“Please, Dancy, not here.” He said as he pushed her slowly away from him, “What is your deal?”

“Deal?” Dancy said, and her tone went very icy, “Deal? My deal is we have been going out since the first school dance this year, and I think it is time we took out relationship to the next level.”

“Next Level? Todd asked, “Like what?”

Dancy closed in again, and pressed herself against Todd, then took his hand and placed it on her breast, “Does this give you any ideas?”

Todd sidestepped Dancy, and pulled away from her, “Look, I have practice, I will see you later, alright.” And moved quickly down the hall away from her.

As Todd headed down the hallway, Auzzie pulled up along Dancy, and said, “Trouble? I am here if you want to talk.” Dancy did not even look at him, or acknowledge him; she just turned around and walked away.

“One day, Dancy, you will come around.” He said under his breath, “One day.” And he headed off to his next class.

Mr. Treadwell, the perennial substitute teacher looked out over the class. For over three years now, he has had the misfortune of teaching someone else’s classes, and inevitably, those classes contain Miss Debra DeLong.

“Does anyone know when Founders Day started?” he asked, trying to get the kids motivated by civic history. Naturally, Debra’s hand shot up immediately.

“Anyone?” he asked, as if he had not noticed Debra’s hand.

“Back row?” he said, looking over Debra to the far back of the class, “Anyone know when Founder’s Day is?”

By this time Debra was almost bouncing out of her seat, her hand waving in the air trying to catch his attention. Defeated, he bowed his head, took a deep breath, and said, “Miss DeLong?”

Beaming with delight that he finally called upon her, she spoke in the consistently cheery voice that for some reason grated on Treadwell’s nerves like cut glass.

“That was the day the town was founded.” She said, which, although technically correct, was not the date he was looking for, “which is very odd when you think about it because first off, you do not found something, you find it, and second, the city was not actually lost, unless someone else had started the city, then left, and forgot where it was and then someone else came along and found it, but then the city was already here with people who probably already knew where it was so it was not actually lost, not like when you take your socks out of the drier, and there is only one because it somehow lost the other one, which is quite strange because the drier is not very big, and it is not easy to lose something in such a small space, unless someone took the sock out when you weren’t looking, which means that someone out there is breaking into houses and stealing just one sock out of a drier, and I think maybe the police should be looking into this because that is just wrong. Not only are you now missing a sock, you only have one sock, which would be alright or maybe you were in an accident and lost your leg, then you wouldn’t need the other sock anyway, or you will have to go to some place that only sells one sock which is probably why the person is stealing the socks anyway, so maybe if the police look for stores that only sell one sock, they will find all the socks that are missing from the drier. Right?” and her infectious, overly joyful smile beamed across the space between Debra’s usual front and center desk, to Mr. Treadwell, who was rubbing his temples in an attempt to rid himself of the headache that was forming, when the bell rang to signal end of class. He immediately snapped back into focus and said “Class, dismissed.” And hoped above all that Debra DeLong would soon be swept away by the students trying to get to their next class.

“Preston!” Debra called out as she filed into the hallway, to her boyfriend, “Auzzie, Brud,” she added as she noticed his friends and band mates. As Debra melded into the little clique that these four made, she asked, “So, what are we going to do for Founder’s day THIS year?”

Preston had to stop for a moment. Sure, it had been two years since Debra talked him into her crazy Founder's Day Scheme to one up Dancy Cologne by launching what was supposed to be a dummy of Preston across the town into a waiting net, but due to technical errors, Preston himself had been launched, missing the net, and landing square into a giant cake. It should have been at that point that Preston decided not to have anything more to do with Debra Delong, but her infectious energy always over rode his common sense, and again he would end up on the end of another of his girlfriend’s schemes. It is with complete understanding that Preston looked at Debra and asked, “Why?”

As the four friends headed into the cafeteria, Debra began to explain her plan.

"Remember I had mentioned the Great Chicken Launch?" Debra began, as they huddled around the table in the corner of the cafeteria.

“Vaguely.” Preston said.

“Well, I could not find anything about it, no matter where I looked.” Debra continued.

“Which never stopped you before.” Preston added.

“Exactly, right?” Debra said as she continued talking, “So I thought …”

“And that is where the trouble starts.” Preston interrupted, but Debra did not seem to notice.

“Well, it must be obvious, if it is a chicken launch, then somehow we need to launch a chicken.” Debra finished.

“Into space?” Preston said, his voice reaching a timber usually associated to responses to Debra’s plans.

“No silly.” Debra corrected, “I am thinking, over the schoolyard. Brud said he can build a catapult …”

“Like he could build a canon.” Preston added, fully remembering that it was Brud’s construction of the canon that was partially responsible for his flight across the town.

“… then we just need a chicken … “

“Or chickens.” Auzzie said, emphasising the plural. “Why just launch one chicken, when we can launch a whole flock of chickens, flying through the air. It will be spectacular.” Debra began to smile and bubble over with excited energy as Preston said, “Why are you giving her more ideas?”

"Exactly." Debra said, “Brud, do you think you can make maybe a four arm catapult that could launch a series of chickens one after the other?”

Brud mulled the idea over in his head and finally nodded, “Sure, I can do that.” And that was all Debra needed to launch into a bouncing mass of giggling joy. Preston just put his head in his hands and tried once more to stem the headache that was starting to form as he pondered how this was going to affect him. It always did. Somehow.

That afternoon, Auzzie was walking down the hall towards Dancy’s locker. He had no real reason to be in this section of school other than this was where Dancy’s locker was, and this was the most logical spot to see her. As he turned the corner toward Dancy’s locker, he heard the sounds of an argument. Dancy Cologne, the love of his life, was in distress. He paused just within earshot of Dancy and Todd in an argument. He did not worry about being seen. He was invisible to the upper echelon of the high school hierarchy.

“We have to do this.” Dancy was saying.

“Why?” Todd replied as he stepped back to distance himself from Dancy.

“We are eighteen. We are the King and Queen of this school. We need to show the rest of the school that we are above them. That we are more mature. That we are better than they are.”

“Look, you have way too many issues. I am done.” And he raised his hands in a show of warding, physically displaying his meaning that the two of them were through.

Todd walked away from Dancy in the opposite direction from Auzzie, and left the building.

Auzzie approached Dancy and said, “You look in need of a shoulder to cry on.” But Dancy just walked past him as if he was not even there.

That night Preston was at Debra’s house. Her parents were on an archaeological dig in the middle east so she was staying with her aunt, the reason she had transferred to this school and met Preston. Her aunt was seldom home and Debra was pretty much self-raised. As they sat on the sofa watching a movie, Preston laying across the sofa with his back in the crook between the back and the arm, and Debra in front of him, his arms wrapped her as she laid her head on his chest. They were comfortable. Secure. Debra bent her head back to look at Preston and saw he was focused on the movie. She smiled and took his hands in hers, lifting them from her belly, she placed them over her breasts. Preston look down at her confused.

“I thought we were going to do this Friday, the night before the Founder’s Day Celebration?”

Debra smiled at him.

“We are going to do THAT,” She emphasised, “On Friday. THIS,” she said, pressing his hands into her breasts, “Is just preamble. We aren’t going to do anything else.” Then she took one of his hands and slid it under her top so he could feel the lace of her bra stretched over her breasts. Preston ran his thumb over her nipple and could feel it harden at his touch. Debra smiled, looked up at him, and pulled his face down to kiss him deeply. Preston moved both hands under her top and caressed her. The feel of her warm skin, the lace, the firmness of her pert breasts was arousing him.

“Debra,” Preston said, “I think it might be a good idea if we went back to watching the movie. I am not sure this is a good idea. Things are happening ...” and he paused as he tried to form the best way to describe what was going on.

“Really?” Debra said, “Can I see?”

“Can you ... No, you can’t see. I mean what if your aunt ...” and before he could finish, Debra had her top off and was undoing her bra.

“What are you doing?” Preston asked as she dropped her bra to the floor with her shirt.

“There you’ve seen me, now I get to see you.”

Preston was at a loss for words. Mainly because her body was firm and tight, and everything he imagined it would be, but also, he could not believe she would do that. Even as he was processing what was happening, he became aware that Debra was undoing his pants.

“Oh My God!” Debra said as Preston became aware that his bulging manhood was now resting in the soft, warm hands of his girlfriend. “Do you think it will hurt?” she asked as she softly caressed his penis. Debra wasn’t even looking at Preston as she talked. She was intently studying his manhood. Softy stroking it, and smiling whenever it twitched at her touch.

Preston thought he heard something on the gravel driveway, and the sound of a car door closing sent panic through him. He jumped from the sofa, frantically trying to stuff himself back into his pants as Debra pulled on her top. As the front door opened Preston noticed the lace bra on the floor, picked it up, and realizing there was not time to dispose of it, stuffed it in his pocket.

“Did you kids enjoy yourselves?” Debra’s Aunt asked.

“No!” Preston blurted. Then Debra added, “He means the movie wasn’t all that good, and we are tired. I think Preston is just going to go home. See you tomorrow?” Debra said and kissed him. As Preston opened the door, Debra’s Aunt was moving toward the kitchen when Preston pulled the bra from his pocket. Debra pulled open the neck of her shirt, to see she was not wearing her bra, then looked at Preston, smiled, and mouthed “Keep It.”

Preston closed the door as Debra walked back to the kitchen.

Tuesday lunch, the gang met in the cafeteria. Preston had his bag lunch, the rest bought theirs at the counter. Even though the food was somewhat better after Debra’s attempt to prove she could make nutritious, tasty meals on the school budget resulted in the schoolboard upping the school cafeteria budget, Preston still felt it safer to bring his own.

Brud laid out a sheet of paper with a cross over a triangle, with four half circles at the ends of each arm of the cross.

“The main arm,” He said, pointing to the arm sticking straight up, “Will have a bungie cord attached to it. Each time you pull the arm down, it locks with a ratchet here,” he pointed to a circle over the triangle behind the cross.

“There is one ratchet at each of the arms, controlled by a lever here,” and he pointed to a line extending from the triangle to the left.

“Pull the lever, the arm flings upward to the ratchet, stops, and launches the chicken.”

“That is amazing Brud.” Debra was excited, “This is going to be so much better than anything Dancy can come up with.”

“What is Dancy doing this time?” Preston asked.

“Some video montage of how her family influenced the development of the town.” Debra replied, “It’s all about Dancy.”

Just then Auzzie came in.

“What’s the Haps?” he said.

“Brud was just showing us his plans for the chicken fling.” Debra said.

A quick recap of the Chicken Flinger caught Auzzie up on the plan for Founders Day.

“And what were you saying about the love of my life?” he added, and everyone just rolled their eyes at his jejune love for Dancy Cologne.

“Nothing,” Debra said, “Just that she is planning a video montage of her family. Got a new video camera with remote control so she can be both photographer AND host. The more it can be about Dancy, the better she likes it.”

Minutes later the bell rang signalling lunch was over and everyone returned to their classes.

Wednesday morning the school was electric with the news of Dancy and Todd’s breakup. The news from the Dancy camp was that Dancy ended it because Todd was not mature enough to meet her needs, whereas the Todd camp was discreetly quiet, but when pressed admitted he ended the relationship because Dancy was too aggressive and demanding. Either way, Auzzie found a way in to the paradise that was Dancy Cologne.

“Dancy,” he said, leaning against the row of lockers next to hers, “I hear you are looking for a man to fill your void.”

“And you are?” Dancy asked, not acknowledging the fact that he has been asking her out for the past three years.

“The answer to your dreams.” He said, not acknowledging the rebuff.

“Seriously, who are you?”

“Here me out,” Auzzie said, as he tried to stop her from moving away, “It is an established fact that Todd could not give you what you need, and given it is the worst kept secret that Debra and Preston are going to go all the way Friday night, before the Founders Day festival, it is an easy matter to guess what Todd could not give you was, The Big Oh, a feat I am more than willing to supply to you.”

“Eeeww!” Dancy replied, “You? ME to have sex with YOU? Eeeww!”

“Just hear me out, please.” Auzzie argued, “I will be good for you, and I think we can work, but even if we do not, you will get the one up on Debra. If we do this, before her, you will have the knowledge that you blossomed into womanhood before her.”

“But then everyone will know that WE did it. Seriously, I can’t let that get out.”

“You don’t have to. You can tell everyone anything you like. I am a college freshman visiting for the weekend, an Italian foreign exchange student who has gone back home. Anything. I will not say anything to anyone. No one will know.”

“Then why do I need to do this at all? Why not just tell people I did it?”

“This is an incredible experience. You can’t fake this. People will know if you did or not, you have to have done it to pull off this lie.”

Dancy pondered the situation and finally relented.

“Tomorrow night, nine o’clock, my place. My parents are away until Saturday afternoon. NO one knows this happened, and if ANYONE finds out I will not only deny that it happened, I will make the rest of your life a living hell. Got it?”

“Got it.” Auzzie said, and a smile spread across his face as he left.

After school Debra stood in the hallway looking for Preston when Brud showed up.

“Brud, have you seen Preston? We always walk home together.”

“Sorry Debra,” he replied, “I think he has some kind of accident in chemistry and wanted to get home to change.”

“Thank you,” she said, and headed out the doors.

Debra walked up to Preston’s house. His parents were still at work, and his sister had field hockey practice. She tried the door, and it opened.

“Preston?” she called as she opened the door, but there was no response. She walked in further, and called again, still nothing. She heard the upstairs shower going and proceeded up the stairs, following the sound. The bathroom door was open slightly and steam was escaping into the hallway. Debra opened the door wider and peered inside. Behind the frosted shower curtain Debra could make out Preston’s silhouette. She took a deep breath and entered the room. She stood before the curtain, admiring the distorted image before her and started to disrobe. She took her glasses off and laid them on the edge of the sink. She pulled off her sweater, and unbuttoned her shirt. The bra was next, followed by her skirt and leggings, finally, her panties joined the collective on the floor and she pulled back the curtain. Preston turned at the sound of the curtain being pulled back.

“Debra!” He cried as he tried to cover himself.

“I missed you after school.” She said, then looking down between his legs said, “And it looks like you missed me as well.” And a smile played across her lips. She picked up a cloth and held it to him.

“Do my back?” she said.

Debra turned around and Preston closed in behind her, washing her back, then her shoulders, and reaching around her, cupped her breasts. He massaged the firm flesh and brushed his thumbs across her nipples which became hard immediately at his touch. His hands ran down her sides, caressing her hips then moved forward between her legs. He did not know if the wetness was from the water, or because of his touch, but as she parted her legs slightly to allow him access he could feel the warmth and the slick lubrication, and her gasp as his fingers slid inside her made his heart pound faster, and the blood flow readily to his manhood. Preston pressed his body close to hers. Debra could feel him pressed against the cheeks of her ass. Could feel the hardness, and the heat, and the pulsing. She turned to face him, even though she was enjoying the feel of his fingers inside her, she did not want this to escalate. She needed to maintain the control, even though she so wished it was Friday already, and took his manhood in her hands.

“Not yet.” She said, “But ...” and she let that trail off as she knelt in the shower, the hot water cascading over her, and took him in her mouth. It took no time at all for Preston to respond as he poured himself into her mouth. Debra drew back, and spat out the thick milk into the shower and let it flow down the drain.

“Hopefully, you will last longer Friday night.” And the two finished cleaning up and dressing.

Debra and Preston were sitting in the living room watching TV when the rest of his family arrived.

“So, what have two been up to?” his father said.

“Nothing,” squeaked out, “nothing, nothing at all. No shower or anything, just homework.”

“Good to hear.” He said, hardly paying attention to Preston, “Debra, you staying for dinner?”

“Thank you,” she said, “I haven’t actually eaten anything yet.” And she gave Preston an evil smile that made him squirm.

His mother then turned to Preston, “Are you alright dear? If you feel up to it, you can have some warm apple pie later.” And Preston’s face went white as Debra tried to hold back a sudden laugh.

That night Preston lay on his bed remembering this afternoon. How was he going to make it to Friday night if Debra kept doing these things? He did not want his first time with her to be some random encounter that they would both end up regretting. Still, she was such an incredible woman, and such a force of nature that he is surprised they have not already done it. It is not like they have not had opportunity or the desire as was evident this afternoon by Debra brazenly stripping down and entering his shower on her accord.

The next day the gang once more met at school. As Auzzie approached the table in the cafeteria he called out, “So, what did you two get up to last night?”

“Nothing!” Preston quickly admitted, “Debra just came over for dinner. That’s all.”

“Ooookaaay,”Auzzie said, then turning to Debra, “Ready for tomorrow night?”

“Yeah. Brud is almost finished the chicken fling. We just need everyone over at Brud’s place tonight to haul it over to the school.”

“Sorry, no can do tonight. Got something on the go at nine.”

“Really?” Preston said, “What do you have planned for tonight?”

“Sorry bro. No can tell. Kinda promised to keep this on the downlow. I can give you to eight-thirty, tops, but I gotta leave.” And with that, Auzzie left for class.

“So, what do you think Auzzie has planned for tonight?” Debra asked as she and Preston headed off to class.

“Who knows. Late night MMORP, some intimate time with his right hand, who knows.”

“Why would he have schedule time for that?” then as they stopped in front of Preston’s class, “See you at lunch.” Debra said, then kissed him quickly on the lips and left for her class.

After dinner the gang got together at Brud’s house. The “Chicken Flinger” was amazing. Standing well over ten feet high, and using three-foot black rubber bungee's for power, Brud claimed it could launch 5-pound chicken thirty feet. No one questioned Brud’s math, despite having a solid C average in math.

Auzzie showed up with the rest of the group, and proceeded to assist in moving the massive, and heavy catapult along with the rest. Brud’s house was about thirty minutes away, but the weight, bulk, and sheer size of the catapult slowed them down as they had to stick to main streets, and the wheels, though functional, did not roll to easily. The whole trip took over an hour, and everyone but Debra was sweating by the time they arrived at the schoolyard. Debra walked ahead to control crossing lights, and inform the party of any potential obstacles.

Once they reached the school, it still took longer than expected to maneuver the contraptions through the parking lot, and onto the field, and across the grass to the far end, so it would not be in the way for the next day's school activities. Debra opened her satchel and started to pull out large folded tarps to cover the catapult as Auzzie's alarm beeped.

"Sorry guys, gotta bounce." and he moved quickly to the side entrance in the fence, and disappeared down the street. No one paid much attention to his leaving, nor the fact that he appeared to be heading in the directions of Dancy Cologne's house.

As planned, when Auzzie came close to Dancy's house, he moved down the street to the back alley, counted the houses until he found her's, and slipped in the back gate, across the yard to the back door. As he came close, the light suddenly came on, and as he approached the door, the glass panels slid open, and Dancy literally pulled him inside, shut the doors, and turned the lights off again, in case anyone might happen to see someone coming in.

Auzzie leaned in to kiss her, and Dancy pulled back.

"Eww, what are you doing?" she said, "This is not a date. This is just sex. You come, you cum, and you go, got it?" Dancy grabbed his arm, not in a tender, loving manner, but she just grabbed his arm and pulled him up the stairs to her room.

As she closed the door, Dancy moved toward her ensuite. "You get undressed here, I am going into my bathroom."

"Why don't we both just ..." but Dancy held her hand up to stop him.

"I am not having you drool over watching me strip. This is a straight in and out. There will be no foreplay, there will be no cuddling. Get ready, and be in bed when I get back." then Dancy left, closed, and locked her bathroom door.

Auzzie looked around the room, and saw the video camera she had on her dresser and his eyes lit up, not just from his AV-Club admiration of an excellent specimen of video technology, but how he could memorialize tonight. He positioned the camera so it faced the bed, took off the lens cap, and grabbed the remote. It was very small. A button for record, play, stop and pause, plus a zoom in and out toggle. Simple to use one handed. He placed the remote under the pillow on the bed, and quickly undressed, climbed into bed, and awaited Dancy's entrance.

The door opened and Dancy Cologne came out wearing a red silk robe that did nothing to hide her figure. Belted at her waist, it accentuated her ample breasts, and the slick fabric hugged her hips, leaving no question what hid under their satiny cover. Dancy took two packs of condoms out of a drawer by her bed and threw them at Auzzie.

"Use two. I want to make sure that nothing goes wrong, and I don't want you feeling anything, this is not for your pleasure, it is to show up that little freak."

"Sure, whatever." Auzzie said, opened the two pouches, and moved the sheets, exposing himself to Dancy, his erection already full in anticipation, and as he slide the first condom on, Dancy tried to stifle a gasp at how endowed he was, and thought, 'this might not be too horrible', but shook the thoughts out of her head as Auzzie finished putting on the second condom, As she moved her hands to the belt of her robe, Auzzie pressed the record button on the video remote.

Dancy pulled the belt free and slowly opened her robe. He full, round breasts showed no signs of sagging and her nipples were hard pebbles. Auzzie swallowed at the sight of the woman he has loved for years exposing herself to him as he watched the silk flow down her body, and he saw the close-cropped fur between her legs. Dancy crawled onto the bed, and Auzzie watched her in the mirror, admiring her perfectly shaped and toned ass. For as much of a diva as she was, Dancy had an incredible body. Dancy leaned over him, her firm breasts inches from his face as she picked up a bottle of lube, squirted it in her hands, and started to massage Auzzie's cock. Even through the two latex condoms the feeling was exquisite. Auzzie dug his hands into the sheets, trying to maintain control, and when Dancy was sure he was lubed enough the enter her, she bent forward, raising her ass for the camera, and slid onto Auzzie's erect shaft. Dancy gasped at the feel of it entering her, as the hardness slid into her until it seemed to hit a wall, then, with a sharp twinge that caused Dancy to wince slightly, he was all the way in, and the feeling that ran over Dancy was incredible. She lifted up, then down, then up, and down, again, and again, her tempo increasing as she did so. Auzzie held her hips, guiding her as she pounded his shaft, and Dancy started to scream out, "Oh god, yeash, fuck yeah, deeper, fuck me deeper kid, Do it. Do it, yeah."

Auzzie reached up and grasped Dancy's breasts, fondled them, kneaded them as she rode him hard, screaming out her pleasure over and over. Dancy leaned forward, still riding him hard, and Auzzie took her breast in his mouth, sucking it, his tongue caressing the nipple as his hand caressed the other breast, then Dancy leaned all the way forward and covered his mouth with her, kissing him deeply, her tongue seeking his. Auzzie grasped Dancy's ass, his fingers massaging her tailbone as she continmued to pound his cock.

Dancy pulled back from the kiss and said, "What was your name again?"

"Uh, Auzzie," he stammered, "My name is Auzzie."

"God Auzzie you are fucking huge. Take me Auzzie. Fuck me hard." and Dancy pulled out and rolled over on her back. Her legs spread, Auzzie moved aside so the camera could get a good look before he climbed back on the bed, and thrust inside his lover. Dancy wrapped her legs around Auzzie as he pounded her pussy over and over until he finally came. The the two of them, sweating from the orgasms, their bodies quivering from the pleasure, Auzzie traced his fingers over Dancy's body, watching her nipples harden again, but when he went in to kiss her, she suddenly remembered who he was, and why he was here.

Dancy pushed him away, saying, "No, we are not doing this. You did your job, now go, and if you speak of this to anyone, they will never find your body, do you understand."

Auzzie got out of bed, and although hurt that their moment was gone, the memory of having been inside Dancy put a smile on his face as he dressed. He moved toward the camera, the remote hidden in his hand, and turned it off. He was about to reach for the camera to take the memory disk when Dancy shouted at him, "Don't touch that. You are not touching that. If you think you are going to record anything here tonight you are sorely mistaken, now go, get out, and I never want to see you again. Don't talk to me, don't look at me, do not even breath the same air as me. You did your job, and were amply rewarded for it, now go."

Auzzie left without complaint, out the back door, and home, but there was a skip in his step, and he was without a doubt, extrememly happy. It would have been better if he could have retrieved his memory card, but he still had his memory of making passionate love to Dancy Cologne. That will suffice.

Friday morning dawned, and it somehow seemed all that much brighter. Auzzie was still glowing from his night with Dancy as he met up with Preston, Debra and Brud.

"Someone looks happy this morning." Preston said.

"It is just a good day is all. Nothing special. Watch." Auzzie said as he spied Dancy and walked up to her, just as she walked away as if he wasn't even there. Auzzie turned to his friends and shrugged his shoulders before returning to them and Debra said, "She'll never go out with you, and why would you want to? She's a horrible person."

"Dreams do come true, eventually." Auzzie said, then, "So, are we ready for Saturday night, and more imnportantly, are YOU ready for tonight?"

Debra replied with a resounding yes, but Preston was conspicuously silent as the group headed to class. As they left, no one noticed that as Dancy was leaving the hallway, she stole a momentary glance at Auzzie before heading to her class.

That night was an important moment for Preston, and he wanted to make sure he did everything right by Debra. He wore s suit, ties, button down shirt. He took her for a nice dinner. A sit down restaurant, waiters, silverware, the works. Debra was dressed in a summer dress. White, with a rainbow of tie-dyed colours, nylons, which was very different for her, and Preston did not faail to notice how they made her legs even more lovely. Preston asked her aouut the Chicken Fling, which got her talking non-stop about the Chicken Fling, which suited Preston just fine as it kept him from thinking how scared he was. He loved Debra. Truly, there was no one he would rather spend time with, and he saw more of her this week than he ever had, and he was not disappointed in anything about her, but he still was not sure he was ready for this, but Debra thought they were, and he could not deny her anything.

Debra's aunt had a date tonight, and let Debra know that she was not going to be home tonight, a situation that suited Debra just fine. As she opened the door to let Preston in, he was amazed at what he saw. Debra and her aunt were not overly organized, and order was seldom a cohesive factor in their decore, but what Preston saw blew his mind. The living room was spotless. There were throw pillows on the sofa and the distinct scent rose air freshner

"Do you like what I've done?" Debra asked as she slid her hand into Preston's and entwined their fingers. Preston could not think of what to say, so he just took Debra in his arms and kissed her hard, running his fingers into the mass of curly hair as he pulled her into his kiss. When he finally stopped, and Debra dropped back onto her heels, all she did was smile because that kiss said everything she wanted to hear.

As Preston sat on the sofa, bouyed by the throw cushions spread over the couch, Debra went into the kitchen and returned with two bottles of their favourite soda, snuggled up beside Preston, and turned on the TV.and cued up the movie they wanted to watch. Preston lay in his spot in the crook of the sofa between the back, and the arm, and Debra snuggled into him, one of his legs stretched along the back, the other resting on the floor, and Debra nestles against his chest, and as the movie progressed, Prewston wrapped his arms around Debra, and held her close to him. Debra took one of Preston's hands and slid it into the cleavage of her dress, and felt his hand cup her breast over her bra. She snuggled closer to him, sighed, and relaxed that way for the rest of the movie. As the movie ended, and Debra shut off the TV, she stood, taking Preston's hand, and guiding him up the stairs to her bedroom.

Preston followed her up the stairs, but Debra could feel his reluctance. It seemed she was almost dragging him, and when they reached the top of the stairs she took him in her arms, and kissed him. It was a long, slow, gentle kiss that had the desired physical effect on Preston's body and when she pulled back, she smiled at him, and asked, "Better now?"

Preston kissed her back, hard. His tongue sliding into her mouth, his arms pulling her close to him, and their bodies pressed close together tha Preston could feel the heat of her body on his, and Debra could feel that he was truly ready for her. Then smiling her bright, beautiful smile, Debra took his hand again, and walked him to her bedroom.

Preston walked into Debra's bedroom. An act he had done many times before, whether Debra's aunt was home or not, but never had he been more nervous than he was right now. Blood was rushing through his ears, and it sounded so like the ocean that he barely heard Debra when she told him to take off his jacked. His back to her, his heart beating like a hammer, he could barely hear anything in the room. Not Debra asking if he was alright, not even the subtle click of the door as it closed behind her. The next thing Preston was aware of was Debra touching his shoulder, causing him to turn around to see Debra, her back to hi, her hair held away from her neck as she said, "Unzip me."

Preston could not believe what was happening. This was actually happening. His fingers were shaking as they unclipped the clasp at her neck, and he slowly, ever so slowly, pulled the zipper of her sundress down until he could see the edge of her bra stretched across her back, and he stopped, and backed away.

Debra, hturned to face him, hooking her thumbs into the straps of her dress, and Preston watched, his mouth opened like a goldfish, as he watched the whole thing just slid down her body like gossamer and there she was, bra, and pantyhose, and pale pink skin with freckles in the most enticing places.

"Am I supposed to finish undressing myself?" she said, smiling that enticing smile as she stepped out of her dress and toward Preston. She walked to him, and took his hands in hers, placing them on her breasts, one hand each, and started to undo his tie.

"Now you figure out what to do with these," and he moved his hands over her breasts, as she said, "and I will finish this." and she pulled the tie out from around his neck before starting to unbutton his shirt.

Preston reach around her, and found the clasp to her bra. It was a little tricky. It had two clasps, and he could not see what he was doing but by the time Debra had his shirt undone, he had pulled the bra free, exposing her breasts. Preston slid his shirt off as Debra tossed her bra into the corner of the room, then again stepped close to Preston and began to undo his belt as Preston ran his thumbs over Debra's pert, and pebbled nipples. He could feel the sensation of Debra pulling down his zipper as he bent to take one of her breasts in his mouth, and as his tongue flicked across her nipple, Preston was quite aware of his pants sliding down his legs.Preston pulled back to remove his pants all the way, as Debra whispered seductively, "My turn." Preston moved toward her, then, dropped to his knees. His hands acted on their own accord, controlled more by hormones than any conscious control, and he reached for the band of her pantyhose, and pulled it down, exposing the small, smooth, clean-shaven mound between her legs, and he looked up into her eyes, his wide as saucers.

"For you." she said, and Preston pulled the hose all the way down, and Debra braced herself against his shoulder as she extracated herself from the nylons. As Preston stood, Debra lowered herself to her knees, and gripped the edge of Preston's underwear. "I have wanted this for so long." she said as she maneuvered the elastic over the stiff rod that was Preston's manhood, erect and ready for her. Debra stood as Preston finished taking off his clothes, and they both moved toward the bed.

Debra climbed on first, moving to the far end to make room for Preston, but she did not move under the covers, just lay atop the sheets as she watched Preston join her. Preston climbed onto the bed, and moved next to Debra, and she wrapped her arms around him and pulled his body close to hers and kissed him passionately. Preston returned in kind, and he could feel himself getting harder, his member pressing against Debra's body, and he could more feel Debra's soft moan than hear it, as her lips formed "Do it Preston, take me. Put it in me."

Preston rolled away from Debra, and sat on the edge of the bed.

"What's wrong Preston?" Debra asks as she slid up behind him, hugging him close to her. Debra's legs straddled Preston's as she snuggled close behind him, her breasts were warm and firm against his back, and her arms felt good wrapped around his chest, but his mind was racing. He never held anything back from Debra before, but how could he tell her, of all people, what he was feeling. Debra released him from the comfort of her grip, and slid off the bed, and kneeled before him, looking into his eyes, her smile spread wide across her face, that was framed in the mass of curly hair, and she took his hands in hers, and said, "You can tell me anything Preston, anything at all. You know that? You know you can trust me, right?"

"I know," Preston said, "and I do. I know I can tell you anything, I just don't know HOW to tell you this. I don't know what to say."

“Just say it honey.” she told him, “Whatever it is, tell me, and we will deal with it, together, like always.”

Preston looked down at his girlfriend, kneeling before him, naked, smiling, happy to be here, with him, in her room, and his heart was breaking, but then he straightened his back, squared his shoulders, and as he stood up, he took her hands so that she, too, would stand, and look at him.

“ know why we are here, and I want this. I want you. You are incredibly beautiful, all I ever wanted to do was make you happy, but this,” he said as he motioned to their naked bodies, “ and this,” and he took in the room in a wide arcing sweep of his arms, “I don’t know if I am ready yet. Would you understand if I told you that I both want this, but yet not want it?”

Debra hugged him to her. Her naked body pressed to his, her soft, warm breasts against his chest, the smell of her hair, and the feel of her body, betrayed what he said. He did want this, on a purely physical level, he wanted this more than he could have imagined, but he also knew that he did not yet feel ready for this. Debra kissed him, and although he did not think it possible, he was sure he had gotten harder, longer, bigger, from the passion in that kiss, and when she lowered herself back on her feet as she pulled away, Debra smiled at him and said, “I know exactly what you mean, and although I want to make love to you more than anything, I want it to be perfect, and if it is not perfect for you, then it will not be perfect for me. If you want to, if you feel you need to, we will wait. We will wait until it is perfect, and it will be perfect, for both of us.”

Preston took her in his arms and returned the kiss, all his passion, all his love, poured into that one moment in time. Debra was pressed against him. Her flesh all hot, and supple, and firm against his body, and once he was full of her, he let her down, slowly releasing his grap on her, and Debra felt dizzy from the kiss. She hugged him, tenderly, more to steady herself from the vertigo that kiss gave her, then she pulled away slowly, looked him over, and said, “If we are going to spend the night together, and NOT have sex, we might want to do something about,” and she softly stroked his erection, gripping the shft gently, then moving up, and softly moving over the head, as his member involuntarily jerked in response. “Come to bed.” she said, and walked back to her bed, and climbed on, rolling onto her side, she patted the area next to her.

Preston slid next to her, and rolled on his side, and asked, “So, are we just going to go to sleep then?”

Debra pushed him onto his back and smiled, “Well, we have two issues to take care of first. One, I am extremly horny, and you still have a massive hard on. Neither are condusive of us getting a good night sleep.”

“So how do we solve this problem, if we are not going to have sex?”

“We are not going have intercourse, Preston, but I never we couldn’t have sex.” and Debra swung her leg over Preston as she turned her body so she was squatting over him, and took Preston’s erect penis in her hands and slowly started to stroke.

“What are you doing?” he asked, as he looked up at Debra’s swollen lips, glistening with her desire, and her round, tight ass as it hovered so close.

Without stopping her stroking, she replied, “You are a smart man, lover, I am sure you can figure it out, and then, without any warning, Debra pluged Preston’s cock into her mouth. As she sucked at first, Preston grabbed the sheets of her bed, trying to hold back the orgasm he could feel rising in him. Debra moved her mouth over his head, her tongue flicking across the tip, her hands stroking him, then turning her head said, “You may want to get started, or we are not going to climax together.”

Preston had taken health class. He was pretty sure he kew what all the parts were for, even if he might not be familiar with all the colloquial terminology, but seeing the glistening slit before him, he reached up and slid his fingers across the moistness, and Debra gasped slightly, and moved her ass closer. Bouyed by this reaction, he moved further along the slit, until he felt the nub of nerves at the top, and Debra moaned softly. Pulling back, his fingers slid inside her, and that set off a slight whimper and she pushed back onto him, forcing his fingers deeper into her, and Preston was finally understanding the cause and effect. He plunged two fingers in, feeling aroun as Debra dropped her head to Preston’s legs and moaned some more. His fingers now deep inside her, his thumb fell to the base of her tailbone, and he rubbed it with his thumb causing her to sit upright, still holding his cock in her hands as she stroked him. Preston used his free hand to reach around Debra and stroke her clit, while he fingered both her pussy and her tailbone.

Debra heightened her sucking on Preston’s cock as he continued to finger her, He was up to three fingers, and as he penetrated her, he would move his fingers around inside her, noting where he touched that produced the most response until finally he could not contain himself any longer, and as he ejaculated into Debra’s mouth, he felt a gush of liquid seep from her onto his hand as Debra fell forward in exhaustion. She crawled off his body, and moved around to curl up next to him, holding him close to her, as she lay her head on his chest.

“That was incredible.” she whispered to him, “Thank you.”

“I wasn’t sure I could do that/” Preston replied, “but I am glad you liked it.”

Debra kissed him, then snuggled up next to him again as she said, “I liked it very much.” and the two chatted until they drifted off to sleep.

The morning sun shone through the window of Debra’s room, warming her naked back and causing her to stir from her sleep. As she stretched, she was aware of Preston’s body next to hers and she smiled then traced her fingers over the muscles on his arm, and giggled as he twitched from the sensation. Soon, Preston was aroused by her touch, and rolled over on his back, staring into the big round eyes of his girlfriend as she was leaning on her hand, watching him.

“Good morning baby.” he said, and Debra leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Sleep well?” she asked.

“Very.” he smiled, then peering past her to the clock he said, “We should probably get up if we are going to meet the guys at the school.”

“Well, yeah, but I think we need to shower first,” and she smiled the bigest smile she could muster as she added, “Together, but first ...” and she lifted the blankets and pounced on Preston, pressing her body to his as she kissed him passionately, and deeply until he had no recourse but to just give in, and hold her tight to his body as they kissed.

Soon the two were in the shower. Preston washed Debra’s back, and her front, and between her legs, and any place else he could reach, and Debra returned his attention in kind. As Debra was leaning back to wash her hair, Preston felt bolder than ever, and lowered himself to the floor of the shower, and placed his face between her legs and lick the naked slit between her legs. Debra squealed at the surprise and stepped back as Prston appologized for his action.

“Oh honey, no, please, do that again.” she said, and closed the distance between them as Preseton once more opened his mouth to take her in. He started with thrusting his tongue into her, then slowly withdrawing it as his lips closed, he sucked softly on her clit, then opened his mouth again to thrust his tongue inside her. Debra grasped his head and held him to her, to allow him to continue to eat her. She thrust her hips to him as he continued the licking/sucking motions, and he grapped her ass to hold her steady as Debra moaned her pleasure.

“Oh fuck Preston,” she cried out as she continued to thrust into him, “Why didn’t you do this last night?”

Preston pulled back, looking up at her, he said, “I don’t know. I really did not know if I should, or if ...”

“Less talking, more eating, I am almost there.” and she pushed his face back between her legs to let him continue as she screamed her pleasure. Debra finally released her pleasure into Preston’s mouth and he sat down in the tub, the hot water flowing over him, washing away Debra’s release, and they both took a minute to get their strength and stability back before exiting the shower.

Soon, they were toweled off, and dressed and on their way to the school yard. Brud and Auzzie were already there, the Chicken Flinger unveiled and ready and loaded with four raw chickens. About 20 yards away Dancy Cologne had chairs set up, her video camera attached to a projector, and a screen.

Auzzie ran up to his two friends and grabbed each in a tight hug, and as he moved back after hugging Debra, he looked at each of them, his eyes narrowed as he looked between each them, then smiled.

“You two smell the same. Did you shower together?”

Debra smiled, and Preston suddebly became very interested in his shoes.

“You did, Preston, you dog.”

Debra called out, “Hey, what’s Dancy up to?” and pointed a few yeards away to where Dancy Cologne had set up her presentation. Dancy saw Debra looking her way, and came over to rub her much superior contribution in her face. She walked up to Debra, then with a twitch of her chin toward the Chicken Fling, said, “What is that?” but before Debra could prattle on about her exhibit Dancy said, “Don’t care. All I know is mine is better.” then as she started to walk away, she stopped, looked over her shoulder, and said, “You and your loser boyfriend do it last night?” and she smiled like the cat that swallowed the canary before starting to walk away again.

“Actually, Preston and I decided to wait.” Debra said, and Dancy stopped in her tracks.

Dancy turned around and stalked back over to Debra, “Why?”

“We just felt we weren’t ready. We wanted to wait until it felt right. No one has sex just because they think they have to, that is just stupid.” Dancy just turned on her heels and stormed back to her table.

“Everybody!” Dancy called out, “Everybody, come, sit, please.” and she spread her hands to encompass the chairs set up for her presentation. The crowd in the schoolyard started to gather, more to get a rest from the endless walking around various exhibits. As the chairs filled up Dancy walked to her video camera hooked to the projector and started her presentation.

“Hello, my name is Dancy Cologne, and for my founders day presentation, I want to introduce you to the many ways my family, past, present, and even in the future, have shaped the way ...”

Then there was a small bit of interference when the recording resumed, with Auzzie now center in the screen.

“Hey, Auzzie Pilditch here, and I am going to show you the most incedible event in my life.” then the scene was immediately replaced with an image of Auzzie in Dancy’s bed, and Dancy standing next to bed in her red silk robe. She undid the belt and opened her robe, showing her full, firm breasts, and hardened nipples. The silk robe flowed down her body and Dancy crawled onto the bed next to Auzzie, her perfectly shaped and toned ass on display, and Auzzie’s smiling face visible just past her image. Dancy immediately pushed the control fob, accidentally hitting the fast forward button as it ran through her lubing the condom, Auzzie in obvious pleasure of Dancy massaging his shaft, and Dancy sliding herself onto Auzzie’s erection before she finally found the OFF button. The crowed exploded in a confusing collection of gasps, hoots, and laughter as Dancy grabbed the camera, and stalked toward her prey.

“Sorry Guys, gotta go.” Auzzie said, and started to run away from the approaching maelstrom that was heading his way.

“Is that what you meant by FUTURE Cologne’s?” Debra smirked as Dancy pushed herself past the three friends. She did not even bother retorting to the jibe as she moved her way through the laughing crowds, and followed the direction she saw Auzzie heading. He had a head start, but Auzzie was never the most athletic, and following him was simple enough in the mostly empty street when she finally found him winded in an alley.

Auzzie cringed on the ground, rolling into a ball to try to protect himself from the onslaught he knew was coming.

“Get up you worthless little shit.” she said, her voice quiet, but the malice in it was undeniable.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I wanted to keep that but you threw me ...”

“Shut up.” she said, “and stand up you little puke.”

Auzzie slowly stood up, not know what she was going to do, but just hoped she had nothing sharp handy. Auzzie finally stood before her, looking down at his feet in an attempt not to face her wrath when Dancy lifted his chin to look straight at him, then kissed him hard, pushing his body against the brick wall as her tongue forced itself into his mouth and he completely melted into her kiss.

“The ‘rent’s’ have church tomorrow at nine. Be at my place at nine-thirty, and we will do that again, but this time, for real. You can even touch me, but,” and she raised the camera to his head, “NO VIDEO.”

“Ah, yeah, O.K.,” Auzzie said, very curious, and very afraid, but then managed to stammer out, “Why? I thought you were going to kill me.”

“I was, and you deserve to be dead for that stunt, but I can spin the outcome, and for as brief as it was, you were incredible. Your dick is huge, and I want to see what you can do if given the chance, but we are not dating. I will not hold your hand at school, in fact, at school, you will be a piriah because of the story I am going to spin. You are not going to look good at all, but I want that. I want to have your dick in me, but you had better be good, or I will reign terror on you like you have never experienced in your life. Deal?”

“Uh, yeah, yeah, I guess, yeah, deal. No one knows, and no video.”

“Good, besides, this camera is broken anyway.” she said, then cracked the camera against his head, and Auzzie went down. “You still needed to be punished, and no one would have believed I would have let you off easy after that stunt.” then she removed the chip, dropped the camera, and went home to watch it over again.