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2020-04-04 21:19:26 (UTC)

⚠️Chapter One⚠️

⚠️ ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ ⚠️
Not for the weak to read.

Chapter One

History papers from 1971 go as this.

MJ gave birth to her second child, a little girl, in November of 1971. MJ named that little girl, Crissy J. That child, as well as the one before, was a product of rape from her biological father. There is no history of the mother to MJ.

MJ was in her mid teens in 1971. A mother to a second child. The abuse in the home that MJ endured, started to transpire to MJs children.

MJ, took the 2 children and left home to live with a young man, who was an alcoholic, and not wealthy in any aspects in the year of 1973.

In 1973, MJ became pregnant with her third child, another little boy. He was born in May of 1974 and named Johnny.

Sometime in 1975, child and family services were called. The three children were being beaten, burned, starved, and totally neglected.

I can honestly say, I remember being burned, I remember being beaten as I reached from hiding under the round table, trying to reach the fruit on top of the table. I remember hiding under that table in fear.
I still, to this day, have the scars from the beatings and burns on my upper thigh area. They will never go away.

From here, I will write as I remember things (in 3rd person), very vividly.

I remember being put into an orphanage. The papers list this as the Telford Foster Home. I remember being put in a dark closet, full of spiders, as the kids in the home all made duck bills with their hands, and taunting with the chants “tattle tale, tattle tale”.

Thankfully, I don’t remember much else from that place.

I remember being told I was to meet a couple who wanted to adopt, who had seen me on tv for Wednesday’s Child, in Cincinnati Ohio.

April of 1976, little girl Crissy, age 5, and her younger brother Johnny age 3, were sitting in front of the young couple, Thomas and Roseann. Crissy, remembers the couple saying, we only want to adopt a little boy. The services stated, they are brother and sister, it’s a package deal. Crissy was wearing a dark green dress that came to the knees. The green dress had a ton of beautiful silver sparkles all over it. She wore white ruffled ankle socks, and white shiny buckled dress shoes. Thomas and Roseann agreed to take both children. Crissy kicked and screamed, not wanting to go. Thomas picked her up, like a sack of potatoes, and threw her over his shoulder. She continued to kick and scream, but was helpless.

They got settled in to their new home. It was a 3 story house, on a huge hill. Up on the top of the hill was a shed. There was a green metal fence, ungated around the front porch.
Jim L was a bald middle aged man, who lived on the left side neighbored house. He always wore black military shoes and jeans that were too long and he rolled them and a white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pack of smokes in the right sleeve.

To the right neighbored house, was a father who had a son, Crissys age, named Buggs C. (Yes, his name was legally named Buggs.)

Crissy was soon introduced to the complete new family. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts and Uncle’s.
Crissy, looked identical to her Aunt, Margret J.
People would ask if Margret was the mother to Crissy.

Crissy had her first communion with her Aunt Margret being her GodMother.

Crissy loved going to grandpas house every Sunday. He had an old dark green chair she would sit in when she went to visit. Crissy loved the silly songs her grandpa would sing.
(I still can see the layout of the house, the furniture, the weeping willow tree in the front yard, the long driveway, it was on a corner curve road, there was a pond in the back yard with koy goldfish.)

In July 1976, Thomas, started taking Crissy out on ‘father daughter dates’ weekly, to places like Red Lobster. He never would bring her brother Johnny.
After the second week out, Crissy was introduced to Thomas, putting her in the backseat of the car, and touching her in ways that should not have been done.
Thomas would take her to other places, like father/daughter square dances as well.

Crissy started school in August of 1976. She remembers being taken out of school not long after, and put into a daily place where she had to learn simple tasks like cutting paper, because she had no ability to do the simple skills most kids her age could do. She had to do speech therapy, and learn simple skills.

(Bear with me, my heart is racing and I’m physically shaking as I type this. Tears building up and my head killing me. I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack)

After close to a year of daily therapy, Thomas was still, every Friday night, still taking Crissy out on the dates.

Crissy went to a catholic school in the White Oak community in C.O.

Sometime in 1977, Crissy found a safety pin, and took that safety pin, bent it completely open and slid it from her ankle up to the knee, making a nice bloody cut. Her first feeling of SH that would soon become an addiction to dealing with her fathers abuse.

Crissy started acting up at home. Roseann would take a wooden paddle and spank Crissy daily with it. Roseann busted her hand open one day because the wooden board split and cut her hand. Crissy laughed at it as it happened.

In 1978, Crissy had started becoming out of control. Talking back, acting in anger.

Thomas had taken Crissy one spring day, up to the shed on the hill, and put a huge tarantula on her shoulder, and made her stand still as it crawled all over her.

Thomas would make Crissy and Johnny physically fight till one of them couldn’t stand anymore in the back yard every time they would fight and not get along.

During that year, Thomas was scolding Crissy for her behavior, and Crissy ran up to the third floor, where Thomas got a hold of her, grabbed her by the throat, and pushed her so forcefully that Crissy went through the window. (I still to the day, have a scar on my forehead from falling out of the window and being cut with the glass I fell on)

In 1979, Thomas was in the back yard digging a ditch for the rain water to drain down the hill and made Crissy and Johnny lay on top of each other in a ditch.

The abuse escalated from 1977 up to 1983.
During these years, Thomas had been slowly giving Crissy small amounts, sips of a drink called “Hot Toddy”.

In 1980, Crissy watched Thomas have sex in the basement on the sofa with Roseann’s best friend Debbie.
Also in 1980, Thomas was now giving Crissy almost a half of a coffee cup of a ‘hot toddy’....so Crissy couldn’t fight Thomas.
Crissy lost her virginity to Thomas. Roseann started taking Crissy to the doctor for birth control. Roseann didn’t think anything of the early menstrual cycle of Crissy.

In 1981, Crissy was running to the basement to get away from Roseann because Crissy was in trouble, yet again, (was a daily trouble)and as Crissy opened the basement door, Roseann pushed her down the steps and slammed the door shut. Crissy fell down the first few steps then (there were no banister bars) fell to the right side of the steps and hit the table knocking her out cold and busted her chin open. Crissy laid there knocked out, blood on the carpet, and had peed on the floor as she was out cold.
When Crissy came to, Roseann beat Crissy because she had peed on the floor.

This will be the end, of chapter one.