Experienced Life
2020-04-04 12:31:04 (UTC)

#6 online gym class 👍

Aaaaahhhh. It's so nice to be back into the groove of gym again. Not quite the same. It's online. No cliques to hang with. Again, no equipment or weights because most of the members do not have gym stuff at home. I wish they would incorporate dumbbells though. We do need to work on arm and shoulder strength but this is so much better than nothing at all.

It was massive cardio stuff today. I have to say this was one of the toughest classes I had to do this year virtual or at the gym . I'm going to lead a zoom session tomorrow with my friends. They got a taste of one class yesterday. Tomorrow, it'll be way more cardio and way more difficult. I'm not superman but I'm not bad yet I still was sucking in some air big time. So yeah, tomorrow's zoom session will be fun for me and it'll suck for the peeps that participate. I'm going to do what we did today for tomorrow's class I will be leading. hehe.

It's early afternoon and I feel fantastic. The chemicals released to my body after a workout is fantabulous. I can smile and love life. Covid-19? Ok, yeah that sucks but I guess it's the frame of mind you are in that dictates your happiness. My delivery came in too. I figure being alone at home, I'll be needing this guy. I love it. 😜

The rest of the day, I'll think about cleaning. But if I get lazy, I'll just watch Hoarders on TV and I'll be good and not feel the need to clean the house anymore. 😅 Fed my cat Heidi already. BTW, I posted on fb my stray cat and guess who commented? Yup, So-ann. She even remembered my cat's name. More ego fuel for me.

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