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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2020-04-03 22:05:58 (UTC)

Pillow talk ❤

Listening to: PIllowtalk - Zayn
So we'll piss off the neighbors
In the place that feels the tears
The place to lose your fears
Yeah, reckless behavior
A place that is so pure, so dirty and raw
In the bed all day, bed all day, bed all day
Fucking in and fighting on
It's our paradise and it's our war zone

~“Give a woman pain and she'll turn it into power. Give that woman chaos and she'll create peace.” ― R.H. Sin

Not even the evening anymore! lol, It's 11:20 pm and I am still awake. My mind is on, I wish you could silence it just like I did my phone lol.
It's Friday? At one time I would be excited for that but now all the days blend together lol.
The news is really putting the fear into people and while I am cautious, I am not paranoid. I do what I need to. I social distance if I have to go out and I stay in when I really don't need to go anywhere. The numbers they announced sounded scary. Being Canadian, I was really ticked at Trump trying to convince 3M not to supply Canada with masks. I almost thought he redeemed himself lately..nope, not in my eyes. My senses have never really given me a good vibe about him. I trust my instincts and my abilities much more than I trust the words of any politician. That said, our Prime Minister sets my senses off in a huge way, He's not a good person. I worry about Canada under his leadership.

I spent the last few days outside working in my yard and been enjoying it a great deal. Plan to do the same tomorrow. I won the war with the car dealer and my vehicle is fixed. I knew it would work itself out and it did. My yard is looking really good. It's given me lots of time to think and reflect on things. It's really helped clear my mind on things. It has helped me focus on me. I am enjoying this downtime. Forced or not lol

Ok I am tired, off to bed🌙

Gnight All! ❤