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2020-04-03 14:25:32 (UTC)

Random Assortment - March 2020

Woman (in mirror) by La Dispute [really good!!!!]
Bowl of Oranges by Bright Eyes
Hand of God by Kevin Devine
Can't Cool Me Down by Car Seat Headrest [HELL YES I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW ALBUM; most notably lyric, "I can't hold anything in my hands" idk it hits me. I also find the little... I think it's melodica?? it's so cute]
Haunted by Pinc Louds [Caroline sent me this, but idk if I'm super into it]
Petty Crime by Vundabar
Death of the Phone Call by Whatever, Dad
Biblical Violence by Hella
Long Gone by Mary Epworth [I've been re-listening to Night Vale lately]
Leave the City by Magnolia Electric Co. [a long-time fav]
Leave the City by Magnolia Electric Co. [a slightly different version—one's from What Comes After Blues, the other Trials & Errors]
Don't Pretend You Didn't Know by Dinosaur Jr. [Just like last spring, ah]
Watch the Corners by Dinosaur Jr. [AAAMYYYY WAATCH THE CORNERSsss]
There From Here by Phosphorescent [middle-aged melancholic]
Gold Day by Sparklehorse [Sparklehorse was my main vibe this month]
More Yellow Birds by Sparklehorse
Little Fat Baby by Sparklehorse
Happy Man - Memphis Version by Sparklehorse
King of Nails by Sparklehorse
Babies on the Sun by Sparklehorse
Pitseleh by Elliott Smith
Cow by Sparklehorse [one of my fav's]
Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Horse by Sparklehorse
Palabras de Papel by Nelson Poblete [I sent this to my mom and she said it was "muy romántico" <3]
Life in Vain by Built to Spill [and Daniel Johnston?? I think??]
Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off my Brain by Ween
Sick of Goodbyes by Sparklehorse
Marie's Little Elbows by Sparklehorse [so GOOD! I think my one complaint is that, due to however the song was mixed, the S's hurt my ears—I think there's too high a frequency in there that they failed to level out, which sucks cuz then I can't listen to it as loudly as I want to when I use my headphones]
I Luv the Valley OH! by Xiu Xiu
Pull the Curtains by Grandaddy [once again, Grandaddy makes it appearance—especially at times when it feels like life is changing]
Grace Cathedral Park by Red House Painters
Sunflower by Low
Tripoli by Pinback
Phantom Other by Department of Eagles
Spirit Ditch by Sparklehorse
Boo by Pinback
Coconut Ranger by Jack Stauber [very good! eerie]
It's Alright by Jack Stauber [horrifying!]
I'll Believe in Anything by Wolf Parade
Leopard by Jack Stauber
Martin by Car Seat Headrest [I want to die. This makes me cry and jam out at the same time]
Lost Coastlines by Okkervil River

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