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2020-04-02 13:09:42 (UTC)

Finally worked from home today 🏠

This is nice. I didn't have to do a lot of network changes today so I actually worked or am still working from home. Not much time to play here. It's my lunch break but there are no time clock Nazis here so I guess I'm fine. Anyway, work is still on schedule. Got one big ass project that is sort of looming over my head that'l take over a year to complete.

No other plans. Just waiting for my wine deliveries I'm a member to. Three of them actually. Bogle, Boeger, and Mira Flores. All have their good points and they're also listed from cheaper to the most expensive.

I checked my body today to assess the damage. Shoulders are not bad. I think it's 80% recovered. My quads and hamstrings? Hurts like a mother I tell you that but that was this morning so I still have a few hrs for it to recover before today's workout. I'l try to squeeze in some stretching and foam rolling. I'm taking all my supplements so the muscle pain doesn't last too long. It'll be an AMRAP today if I recall which is as many reps as possible. We shall see how that goes. I may start to learn how to swear in another language because I know my legs will be put to the test again hurt hamstring and quads or not. No choice. Not letting go of my man card just yet.

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