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2020-04-02 14:39:51 (UTC)


7:47 am
April 2. 2020

Bear was home 2 days. What a mess. Why do I have to keep cleaning up after them? I’m really getting tired of this. There is trash on the floor. There was no dishes washed in the two days she was here.
So, I have yet again, a ton of house work to do. Seriously getting sick of this. If it was Sheldon and me, we wouldn’t have this problem.
We are late on the bills as well, she has not covered those either. It’s been up on the board for a few weeks, I have not seen anything from her.

(Deep sigh)

Today, I will be waiting to see how things roll with DD2. I do believe, I’m going to be placing the number on block. I don’t want to deal with the inability to communicate. Not sure what happened....other than his drug use. So, for my sanity, I must do what I need to. He wasn’t serious about anything. Not sure what he expected to get from the head games.

Got the crew up. They are eating. I am brewing coffee.

I discovered my online bible partner, well, has a felony, and it’s only been 2 years. That’s a bit scary. He did, explain what happened. He was guilty. But it sure makes me nervous. I’m so glad my last name on my Facebook is not the last name I use.

I need to get up and get a cup of coffee.

Kids fed.
Spoke to babyface.
Heart feels heavy today.

I believe, you should give everyone a chance, despite their past. Depends on if they have learned a lesson, correct?
Or is that just being gullible? I try to look at things in a way I would want people to look at with me.
No one is perfect.
But what is the limit to not accepting someone’s past?
I’m just curious.
My online bible partner, assumed they would not hear from me today because of the details they came clean with because I asked for the information. I had to explain, I give everyone a chance. We are not meeting in real life, and I will not give out information, like address, phone, etc.
why are more people not accepting that a person may have changed from the bad choices in their past?

(Deep sigh)

I feel the urge to cry.
I don’t want to do something.....but I feel it’s necessary. If someone or something is causing you pain, you remove it, correct? Specially if you can not change it? Or, do I find a way to numb myself and let it linger in hopes the situation will change? What is the proper answer?
That’s my question.

Off to go be the slave and get crap done, so I can do it again tomorrow.
I do know, I understand why they were wanting to take the kids. She does feed, bathe, etc....but does not clean. Throwing diapers on the floor and leaving them lay, is not acceptable. Not washing your own dishes is not acceptable. Not putting the food you cook up is not acceptable.
But, as usual, I will say nothing. Bear has a tongue of a serpent. I do not need hurtful words. I’m trying to better myself.....