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2020-04-01 22:53:50 (UTC)

3rd online gym class 🦵

Just as I predicted, the pain from yesterday's workout was saying hi to me today. Shoulders and quads were sore and I loved it. But first, I went to work. Got my projects all caught up and even a little ahead. So tomorrow, I should be able to kick it unless of course my boss dumps more work on me. I wanted to look at some tutorials on a firewall I'm not to savvy with yet. Latest one I need to get more acquainted with are Palo Alto firewalls. I can build virtual ones but I haven't done much troubleshooting when a customer says they can't get to a certain server. There are some good tutorials out there that I want to check out. Yeah.. even though I'm not even good enough material to warrant an interview. Pfffttt!!! But screw them! It's not for them. It's for my own self satisfaction and work is still fun and I like the work.

I didn't have any lunch. The deli at the next door building has closed for the time being for you know what. So no lunch for me today except for my protein powder and a boiled egg I brought with me from home. I was able to do some jump roping. Didn't want to go overboard because I knew I was going to attend an online class today and to be honest, my quads and calves were hurting. So I managed only 2,000 jumps jump roping. No fancy crossing of the jump ropes, no double unders, no single leg double hopping or whatever it is you call it when you jump on one leg twice and switch and jump on the other leg twice and so on. No, none of that today. Just had to get 2,000 done for now.

Got home, and had 20 min to get my ass ready for gym class. Here is our gym agenda today.

6 stations. 5 sets at each station. 50 seconds on 20 sec rest each set. 2 min break between each station.

1) Up/down planks
2) Cross country skier
3) Glute bridges
4) Slow motion reverse lunge
5) Squat with knee lift and twist
6) Slow motion mountain climbers

Ok, some of these things I never did before and I've been at it for 2 yrs and about 4-5 months. I know because we aren't using weights, the coaches had to modify our workouts. So we did a lot of slow motion workouts. Holy crap!! They hurt even more. I found that out pretty quickly. reverse lunges and mountain climbers at slow motion is much harder to do than regualar ones. Dang!! Glutei bridges? Easy peasy right? Usually you lift for a few seconds, then put your butt down and then go back up. Done that for years and it's easy. But today, they said to try to keep the bridge part up as long as you can. For 50 seconds? Wow!! Not easy. I dropped my butt down once during the 50 second set. So it was like 30 and 20 seconds and pushing your glutes for that long made my legs start to shake. That's what happens when I'm at the end of my endurance.

Up/down planks? First couple of sets? Sure no problem. After that? Problem. The last two was hurting my shoulders. I couldn't finish the last 10 seconds of the last two sets. I just couldn't. :( We did this a lot in the past so I don't know what the hell is wrong with me that my shoulder were hurting doing it. But then I recall this week we did a lot of pushups, burpees, and that other evil thing called the blast off pushups . So my shoulder was still recovering.

Man, my body is having two issues. First one is my fault. Been slacking of late so going back to working out again isn't easy. Second issue is that we are doing workouts without weights to accommodate everyone as I already mentioned. Not everyone had basic gym stuff. So my body needs to get used to this newer type of workouts. My Sponge Bob arms can't hide from the workouts now. I used to be able to use my legs and core to get me through a lot of stuff but it's different now so I guess that's a good change for me. Hurts now but it should get better. I'm pretty sure I will have enough time to get used to it. I figure we'll be siloed till at least summer so I should be able to adapt by then.

I think I need to invest in some heavy kettle bells. I used them for doing tea kettle workouts and it was very good for my side abs. I'm shopping for a good quality 30 lb slam ball. Amazon hasn't been giving great reviews for the ones they are selling. I like doing slam squats with them. It gets your heart rate up faster than sex!! It's fantastic!! Secondary use for it is squat to over the shoulder toss. Guaranteed to light up your my zone (like a fit bit).

So yeah, after all of this working out.... I got my dopamine and serotonin fix. I'm calm and relaxed. Smiling for no reason at all. Haven't even had a glass of wine yet. And just when I thought my day couldn't be nicer, my gym mat came in. Woohoo!! Maybe it'll help with my shoulder pain or maybe I shouldn't be eating crap food so I'd get my weight down to a proper weight and my shoulder wouldn't hurt as much from all that extra weight. Haha, but to feel better, I'm going to fool myself by saying I'm gaining muscle so that's why I'm heavier. 😜

That's my day peeps. I'm sure I'll complain about new aches tomorrow. Life is good. Time for a glass of wine and some tv to turn my brain into mush.

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