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2020-04-02 03:49:13 (UTC)

Cold Dish


Well, been super tired today. Exhausted. Think it’s because of everything I did yesterday.

So I napped today.

Exhaustion is a scale of 9 outa 10.

Limo sent a text, negative for covid-19.
That’s a relief.
Figured he was full of bull shit and looking for attention from me. Bought him another 30 days, what he wanted. I feel like an idiot. It’s ok tho.

Been pretty numb mentally today. Scale of an 7 out of 10. Think the brain 🧠 isn’t working because I’m so tired. Over did it yesterday moving his garbage.

Everyone ended up sleeping today, not just me.

DD2 is still on the stupid kick about the pink bear missing. I’m not concerned with it. He hasn’t really communicated with me all day yet again. I don’t seem to care either. I’m not going to chase for his attention. It’s all good. My kid & I love him and his family, but it’s not worth getting upset over. He will one day realize what he lost out on when he’s hit rock bottom and lonely. Just like limp. It all comes back.


Well, someone is “checking” to see what I’m doing. Called and when I answered, hung up. Who’s playing head games here?
Sent a message, and he opened it, but not responding. Mhm.
Hasn’t said anything to me in two days, claiming “I need time to think and get my life together “.....
Ok. You got it.
I don’t bother you, bug you, not going to be “needy”....
And guess what, he doesn’t like it. Oh well.
I’m tired of being pushed aside. I’m tired of the snide negative comments that you claim are “jokes”.

So, today, he got a taste of his own medicine. I did to him what he does to me.

I love him, but not at the extent of my own sanity.

I’m going to bed.