Christopher Mel

The Mirror
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2020-04-02 00:59:16 (UTC)

Growing Steadily

No, not my penis. I believe it may have actually gotten smaller in sync with my growing rage.

I just wanna crack them all over their fucking skulls with a hammer. Watch them treat me different because I don't live up to their expectations or standards of 'cool' or whatever bullshit these people run on. As if it matters or means something in the grand scheme of things. Normally ya don't have to deal with co-workers, customers as often but since this corona lockdown shit I've been seeing more and more of the types of people I can't stand and it's really starting to become an eyesore. Can't leave the city, can't leave the country. No vacation. Stuck in this shithole(you can't even get basic medical supplies anymore, so apparently we've reverted to ancient times thanks to fucking impulsive breeders, buyers and overpopulation in general) You know I'm glad they treat me different and lack the ability to treat me like a 'human', or rather, like one of them because it's just a constant reminder that I'm not one of you. Nor do I want to be, because if I was, I'd be just as flaky, judgmental, and lacking emotional intelligence, and doing the same obnoxious shit you do which would probably lead to me killing myself. This ordeal has only made my fantasy about being locked up in solitary confinement that much greater in desirability. I'll just smile even though I'm thinking about crushing your fucking skull the entire time. Though I suppose in prison if someone had a problem with you they'd simply do something about it. Not like HERE, where it's the complete opposite. They do that tired, old boring passive-aggressive shit. I'd rather you come at me if you had a problem with me rather than whipping up that self-righteously indignant victim routine, especially when no one literally has done SHIT to you. Maybe because deep down they know they have no ground to stand on, and are just angry for the sake of being angry with nothing to back it up, so they project onto you to make it seem like you fucked up instead to cover their insecure, miserable asses. Standard fair. Easy to see coming. Boring. No effort. No sacrifice. No solutions offered. Either speak your piece, be a fucking man or a woman for once in your boring life, and say what's on your mind. Otherwise, cut the victim bullshit. Forever shut the fuck up, and don't give me shit for nothing. I am NOT babysitting this entitled victim routine from people anymore. Done. Just because you got some shit going on, don't direct it towards me. Not in the mood. I'll let your ass have it. Being stuck with people for so long I'm at the point where if I hear or see the wrong thing I'm going to snap pretty fucking quick and you'll be the victim you oh so default to real fucking quick. Cut the shit. Don't care. If you lack the emotional intelligence to cope with that or lack intelligence altogether perhaps a spray from a shotgun blast melting your cranial matter will ease your troubles. Just mow down every single one of them. There, peace at last...

Just Kidding!! It's April Fools! Remember? I would never harm anyone. Never done it before. Not going to do it now. I'm not one of you. I won't make a daily effort to emotionally or physically attack anyone due to lack of emotional control or other mental hang up you people usually project onto others for no fucking reason other than to cover up your own insecurities. I LOVE people the same way I love animals. Only people tend to smell more and be more unpleasant but they're living creatures non the less. Love all the social tryhards out there and the shallow, flakey women who 'love' them. I especially love people when they play the angry victim when you've called them on their shit that they started with you for no reason. Women do it often and people find it obnoxious but I honestly find rude, mean, miserable women extremely cute and endearing. :)
(Don't tell anyone else I said that.) Narcissism really turns me on, lol ;p Figured it a silly tradition but had to fool at least one person today on April 1st.

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