A lady in the crowd
2020-04-01 03:17:41 (UTC)

Open Letter from a Healthcare Worker

We are living in a moment that will certainly go down in history. As someone who is a 'frontliner' or 'essential worker' due to working in Healthcare, I am fearful of what the future may hold. We receive phone calls at our Clinic every day as more people are being laid off and becoming unemployed. I'm grateful for my job security in the medical field, yet others are not so lucky. Most people are living paycheck to paycheck and have no savings. Whether it's due to lack of budgeting, an emergency expense, or simply having one salary to raise an entire family; it's the unfair game of life. Now let's forget money and start thinking about the disease itself.

There is still a lot we still don't know about COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. Without our health, we are nothing. I pray that our family, friends, and that we are all able to stay healthy during these hard times. I do my part and stay at home as much as possible. I disinfect my surroundings leaving behind the familiar and pleasant scent of Sani-wipes at the Clinic. I clean each exam room; paying close attention to detail between each patient. I also clean my desk every morning before I begin my day. I constantly repeat to myself every day, "I know you're itchy but don't touch your face. Don't bring this home to your grandma or baby cousin." It's almost like I have OCD for crying out loud. Our planet is filled with hysteria and a lot of people are panicking. Though it is hard, we need to stay hopeful that this too shall pass in the foreseeable future.

~Yours Truly,