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2020-04-01 03:00:33 (UTC)

Stupid Humor - Sign Of Intelligence

Today someone at my work said they didn't like stupid humor just for the sake of it being stupid. Well, I do. And here's the funny thing: I don't want to say that these people have no depth to them or haven't experienced much pain, but here's why that might be true!:

I HAVE to find what little joy I can in life. I have to laugh at everything, if it all seems to be bad. Can't get into Coronavirus memes, though.

I laugh at really dumb stuff. I have no one. I swear the only people lonelier than me are either alone on a deserted island or in solitary confinement. Sounds extreme, but this whole social isolation thing? I was already doing that! By choice? Sort of. People just tend to ignore me.

I guess I made my point?

One more thing: I enjoy intelligent humor, as well. George Carlin is the best example, I can think of. Ricky Gervais is pretty sharp too, though actually... just really, really honest. I'm mainly referring to his Golden Globes speech. I hope he's not controlled opposition. I don't want to be too much of a conspiracy theorist, but you know Hollywood is evil and corrupt.

I just go to completely different topics all the time, don't I? Lol.

I'm taking an uber to work tomorrow. I've stayed up too late. I'm so stressed out every day. And who isn't right now? The difference is, most people have family and/or friends.

It's pretty dramatic to call this the apocalypse. But, what if it is? Jyst imagine going through the apocalypse ALONE.


There's so much hate for Gal Gadot's "Imagine," and rightfully so. It's so pretentious and that song is a communist anthem. Lol. Still, I think Sarah Silverman's part was funny. She seemed to almost be making fun of the whole thing. Or, perhaps, knowing she can't sing, more or less, making fun of herself.

This, right here, is why Twitter would not work for me. I write too much and Tweets are supposed to be short. I'd be making so many Tweets! Lol. I like the idea of Twitter. I tried it out, but actually couldn't figure it out. Lol.

I hate Facebook. I've gotten some good out of it, such as finding old friends and I talked to them like the one time and that was it.

I'm super lonely. And stressed. I can just write on here a lot.

I don't know what to watch before I go to sleep. I may go figure that out. Make a playlist that's like my favorite Filthy Frank, Pink Guy and Joji videos. I do watch other stuff on YouTube, but probably 50% of what I watch is that stuff. My second favorite channel after Filthy Frank is probably Unus Annus. Holy crap Mark's mom has been hilarious on there lately. Maybe that's where he gets his humor from.

Haha... I remember CinnamonToastKen getting salty at me one time because I said his headphones looked like PewDiePie's. I deleted that comment and didnt watch his videos for a while. I got over that, just funny that a YouTuber I watch got salty at me. Besides, BuffPro's laugh is the best. I kind of watch Ken just for Dane's (BuffPro) laugh.

Razzbowski has responded to me before!

I've gotten 3 hearts from Dawko.

On a 8-BitRyan video I got top comment at 1.3k likes.

I have 15 subscribers on my channel, even though I have no videos. Lol. I think it's just from commenting everywhere.

I'm more popular online than I'll ever be in real life. It's not that I want to be popular, though, but the attention is nice. I wasn't trying to brag, at all.

Oh yeah... And I actually met DazGames last summer! That was cool!

Anyways... I found reasons today to not want to die, but the reasons aren't quite enough.

"Why are we here? Just to suffer?..."

Yes, it's that thing from that videogame, I've seen YouTubers use. I may have worded it wrong.

My life is so damn miserable. God, what is the point?

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