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2020-03-31 17:34:35 (UTC)

2nd online gym class 😵

Oh man! 2nd online gym session today. I now know I need a lot of detoxing and I am out of shape. I did it and class still went by quickly but it was cardio day today and I felt it for sure. I was sucking wind big time. Before class started. I got a few greetings from my gym peeps and Soo-ann too.
Burpess even when I'm in shape it never a fun workout but I guess it's really beneficial because it really is exhausting after 9 rounds of 20 second burpees with 10 second rests.

After class, we posted stuff on facebook and I commented on my Gym's page that I did my 2nd workout and only workout in a row and that I need a participation trophy. My head gym directer liked it and so did So-ann. In fact, she's liking almost all my posts that I put on facebook mainly because I'm stupid and silly saying things that is funny or makes you shake you head anyway. I'm thinking she is throwing enough hints already or perhaps I'm just full of myself and she is just being nice. What do you folks think? So what's the next step with So-ann? I think she's sending all the right signals many times already. Well, can't do anything anyway. haha. This Covid-19 makes any type of socializing non-existent. Still it's cool to be given some attention in this crazy situation even though it's virtual. Not really virtual since I've seen her in person but you know what I mean.

The pain of working out has come back to me. Like an old friend. I feel yesterday's workout for sure. We were doing pushups and my shoulders were reminding me we did those today. Today, we did Russian twists, Cross country skiers, squat to kick, burpee, and plank jacks. I'm sure one of those will put something to be hurting tomorrow and I love it. Dopamine, serotonin and all the other cool chemicals released during a workout.

I have to confess though, working out does get me worked up sexually just a tad bit. Sorry, not sorry. Still a man last time I checked. lol Must be some chemical I'm not aware of. I'm guessing hornymones? Yup, there is such a thing. If not, there should be. Tomorrow should be another great workout.

I'll try to squeeze in at least 1,000 jumps on the jump rope later today. Maybe 2,000 but I don't want to push it. I can tell I'm not in shape.

Here is my makeshift gym in the garage. There is a chair opposite the mat where I place my laptop on a chair so I can see the coach and vice-versa.