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2020-03-31 19:01:11 (UTC)

I'm hopin' that my love will keep you up tonight

Listening to: How do you sleep - Sam Smith
Baby, how do you sleep when you lie to me?
All that shame and all that danger
I'm hopin' that my love will keep you up tonight
Baby, how do you sleep when you lie to me?
All that fear and all that pressure
I'm hopin' that my love will keep you up tonight
~You deserve the world, even if it means giving it to yourself~ R.H Sin

Good Evening! 🌙
Been a bit of a f***ed up kinda day lol, Arguing with a car dealer over warranty work. Fun fun, arseholes lol I am not letting it make me bitter, there is much bigger things going on. I am picking my battles. I will figure it out. Not worth getting upset about. I don't tend to get angry easily. Anger only harms me. In every situation that someone is doing you dirty. I trust in karma, Karma is a bigger bitch than I can ever be :) I usually let them burn their own bridge. Aside from the car drama, my day was great!. I managed to get some more spring cleaning done and that sets me in a good mood.

Last night I was woken with the sensation of someone sitting on my bed and that familiar smell of baby powder. This is always a sign of my mom visiting. I felt the pressure on the bed and the sheet tighten around me on my side. I was not in rem sleep, I was just falling asleep. I learned from past experiences, not to open my eyes, just listen, feel. The baby powder smell was very vivid, it brought comfort which is surprising considering my mother's and my history. It faded after just a few minutes. I opened my eyes and of course, nobody was there, but the scent still lingered. I felt comforted.

I am so anxious for life to go back to normal, or whatever normal will be after this. You turn on the tv and it's all you see. Every morning I wake and it's always my first thought like ..nope still the reality. I keep expecting it to all be a bad dream. As an empath, It bothers me even more so to even go out to get the essentials, I see the fear in people, I feel the fear. I think empathy should practice social distancing too haha. If it only worked that way.

I noticed today the local animal shelter posted on social media, asking people to please help and donate money or food for the animals. They even have an amazon wish list to help collect food. Everyone is feeling this impact of this virus, it's sad that it's even affecting the shelters. I ordered 6 bags of dog and cat food and it will be shipped to them. Isn't much but I hope those who can, will help.

Well not much else to write, feel like I am in the movie "Groundhog Day" haha. Off to take a nice bath with my Lush Bath Bomb

Have a wonderful evening! ❤

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