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2020-03-31 23:53:59 (UTC)

Three L’s

The 3 L’s
Not Live, Laugh, Love
Long Live Limp

Limp is here, I came inside and locked up. Cameras 🎥 are recording.
He’s loading his crap up. The uhaul is big enough to put his car in it

Don’t know why. But I don’t care. No point in coming back after today. He can be on his merry molestating, abusive, cheating, lying way.

(Deep sigh)

I feel like this is closure I needed. Hope he just goes and karma bites him for everything he put me through. I shouldn’t think that way, but, I do.
I know he’s going to want to use the air compressor so he can get his car tires aired up. I do have proof it stays here, if I need it.

DD2 got added back on snap. Everything saved, even tho I removed him. So I have the painful memories there. He says he still wants me in his life. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I will take it a day at a time. I will not rush anything from here on out. We will have to seriously talk and clear the air before I come back to his place. I’m still upset with how things went down. The fact he played the head games just irk me. I don’t see the harm in adding back on snap, but will be hesitant to add back on FB. I have new potential friends I’ve added. I refuse to have him talk to whom he wants, included ex’s, and then he has an issue with my contacts.

I think DD1 May be correct in saying this relationship will not last nor work. Will see. Can’t say I don’t try and work on things no matter the relationship. Relationship is not necessarily a sexual, nor romantic thing. Relationship to me, is two or more people with a bond and will to be supportive and grow with each other.

I’m in a ton of pain, my shoulder is killing me. I shouldn’t have had to move his crap out of the garage. But after 3 months and 3 days, I decided to do it so he had no reason to go through crap and take what doesn’t belong to him. It’s impressive, that I moved everything all by myself faster than he’s doing the loading up. But then again, I was buggin on coffee and nerves.


Guess Ghetto Queen (I’ll put GQ for short) is up to her usual drama bull balls. Bear and I both don’t want to be involved with her drama.

Limp is still here. Took me less time to drag the crap out of the garage at my 133.8 pounds (yes, I’ve lost 18 pounds in a month) than it’s taking him to load it up and he weighs over 230 pounds.
My daughter said he’s dragging his feet, and going to leave stuff behind so he can come back. It doesn’t matter, what’s left goes in the dumpster. And we have plans to drag the car outa here so someone else calls and it gets towed.

He’s still here mousing around crap. Wish he would just leave. He’s out there coughing on everything. He never did cover when he coughed in the house, always ticked me off.

I sent DD2 a message at 11:00 am of what he needed/wanted from me, since he said he needed time to think and get his life together and get productive, he never responded. Typical. It’s ok tho. I’m not going to stress it. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. Keep building my friends and aquatintance list, and will roll from there. I’m not going to stop my contacts with people. He’s not on my FB, so that makes things easier. Didn’t like the demanding of the Snapchat ordeal, but I tended to it.

(Deep sigh)
Why can’t he just leave? There’s so much “junk” left from him and his kids that he doesn’t want to go through it. I know whatever is left, tomorrow goes in the dump, it’s all getting cleaned up. Not sure what else he’s looking for. He keeps going down by the storage trailers and coming back with nothing. It’s all trash down there that he threw down there.
Get ya car outa here, drive it down the road, then walk back, grab the uhaul and BE GONE!!

He finally left.
Claims he has black mold in his lungs. I’m praying it’s not Covid-19. I made sure to keep my distance.
He still, did not get everything. Wants another 30 days.

TYPICAL!! Men. They don’t want you, but don’t want to let you go either.

(Deep sigh)
Still no reply from DD2. I’m not going to sweat it. I’m not going to push. I’m not going to do a damn thing but my own thing. What will happen, will happen.

I’m going to post this. Been a full day.
I have people looking for my attention, so going to send my charm 😘

So till later~