Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
2020-03-31 10:34:31 (UTC)

"Friend" Rant

I realize that people might not know what to say to my depressing rants. They know that nothing will convince me. Nonetheless, TRY. My only "friend" can't even text me back anything at all when she knows I'm depressed as hell. She said I could call anytime, but I had the courtesy not to because it was somewhat late at night. So, I texted, hoping she'd respond the next day. I waited all day. Don't even want to text or call her at all now. It upsets me more than it should, but when you have nothing and no one and you lost the love of your life, whom you were with 12 years, this kind of stuff becomes very, very hurtful. There's something else I'm upset about, but not like I can talk to her about it. I may write about it in here. Why is this all I have? We're already socially isolating, bitch and not even by choice. Well, I'm not going to be stupid and not be cautious. However, bitch, because we can't hang out, the least you could do is text me back! And I thought I was anti-social!