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2020-03-31 00:51:29 (UTC)

You wouldn't believe what I just bought 😜

I just ordered something on Amazon. First it was a yoga mat, then a big area workout mat. Now? hahaha. You'd laugh and I promise it's not even close to being a need-to-have purchase. But you know why? Effe-it that's why. I can afford it and it'll make me feel better. haha. I'll post it when it arrives. Deliveries take a little longer (understandably) but when it comes, I'll post a link for sure.

So I sort of promised to attend the next online class at 7AM. That's in 5 hrs which means 4 hrs because I'll have to shower and not look too raggedy from not showering and I figured out how to enable my camera on the zoom app so I can't hide. It's cardio day tomorrow so I need to get some rest. After today's workout earlier, I only jumped 1,000 jumps on the jump rope. Let's see how I do in the morning. Good night peeps.