Do Not Disturb

2020-03-30 20:24:45 (UTC)

Can You Say Embarrassing ?

My brother embarressed me so much today. I wanted to go to Petland to look at the puppies but sadly I could only hold one and err name was Dorothy and they just gotten her. She was so small too.
And so cute. Anyways, we were looking at the fishes after I got done holding the puppy and my brother begged me to look at the turtles because he was planning on getting one. Their was this guy working their that was kind of cute and my brother blurted out, " You're so short and you're 21." And I heard him talking to himself or, the fish I don't know. And then he left but I saw him from the corner of my eyes turning around and looking at me and in my head I was like, " Omg!" I felt myself blushing a little after that moment. And smiling really really really hard. But I'm already talking to a guy. Jay is the name. Two months. And still talking. It just kind of all happened so fast. He lives three hours away. We're planning on seeing each other sooner or later. We text every day. But have little to say. Well, at least what I say to him to keep the conversation more alive. I like him. He likes me. But how long will I go without seeing him for the first time. I need to see him. Somehow. Someway.

Mood : In quarentine

P.S. I think that dude liked me at one point. He's white btw.

- A