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2020-03-31 03:19:43 (UTC)



Hey u awake....
What u doin.....
U eating? lol k
Nervous about tomorrow?
Nope, bear will be here, I’ll be fine

Hmm, odd....I was assuming I’d be blocking the number.
Still no call. Still no apology. Not sure what’s up. Head games? What’s the point? Why now? High. Lonely. Hope it hits you like a ton of bricks fuker.

Said “a lot of thinking....confused.....”
Confused on?
DD2 brought this on, not me. I tried apologizing for my breakdown. I’m human. DD2 pushes the door shut. I’m not going to beat on it. Sorry. I deserve better. DD2 lied. Straight out. “I’m different than most”....
Yeah, right. Proved it. 🤣
Sorry, 99% are all the same.

Long story short, said I hope one day, realization hits that I was worth keeping.

All I can say. I said hat I needed to. Said I was hurt. My son is hurt. I can’t help because that door was closed and not by me.

“I do love you, I didn’t throw you away, I am keeping you, just need time to sort my thoughts out”

Um, do I look like a fool?
Maybe it’s truth, but I’m sorry, that’s not saying UCB for “relationship”....

I said a prayer “may God help you while you sleep to get the answers you need and are looking for”

I’m not sure where to sort all this, so I’m not going to bother. I will continue to take it day by day. The longer time goes, the more my heart will heal.

I’m watching Paddington with my son.

Good night 😴