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2020-03-31 00:49:37 (UTC)

Puzzle 🧩 Pieces


Kids are finally quiet.

I ended up grabbing a nap.

Got a text “how ya doing”
I said “good, you?”
They replied “alright”
And that was that. Just bites. Someone has too much pride to apologize. Oh well. I’m trying not to let it hurt, but it does. Still on block on all social media.
If nothing else is said by tomorrow, then will block the number. Going to hurt, but have to. I’m not going to hang on to something one sided.

Was a beautiful day out today, but have been tired this afternoon. Super tired.

I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, getting my ex stuff out of the garage so I don’t have to deal with him and his crap.

My daughter called, and hung up twice, and called back each time. She is struggling. I’m trying to hold it together for her, to be supportive, calm, and walk her through it all.

My other daughter is off work, would have been nice to head out, but instead, someone is being an idiot. I hope it makes their life empty and lonely. Sadly. I want them to realize what they had and lost. I always give people three strikes, I would say this is strike 2. So the possibility is there to fix it, but it’s not my job to. I did nothing wrong other than remove people from social media, and I explained why, apologized and they never accepted that but dropped it further down a notch so they have to live with the decision they chose....until they try to fix it. And then I have the choice to do as they did, or be the better person.

Other than that, I’m going to take my medications and crash earlier than midnight. I’m so lucky I don’t have to watch the little ones tomorrow nor Wednesday. So I get two days off. The plan is get Limps stuff out early, then Wednesday work on the porch. Thursday she works and is off all next week. That’s a week I could have been gone, but not going to happen now.

I guess we have 2 cases of the covid in my county now. So am basically not going anywhere. I’m at high risk so don’t want to risk it.

DD1 is out at a friends place. Hope he keeps safe. I sent a message that ....
“You are my blue crayon, the one color I never have enough of, the one color I use to color my sky”
(Chuckles) DD1 is one of many puzzle pieces 🧩 that hold me together. I have DD3 as well, and Sheldon. Those 3 puzzle 🧩 pieces I would say are the edges that connect the rest together.

It’s almost 8pm, so am going to grab my medications and find something light to eat and crawl into bed. Can’t get over how exhausted I have been this afternoon.

So, till tomorrow.....
May God heal my heart, help me down the road he wants me to travel.