miss mess

midlife implosions
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2020-03-30 20:54:59 (UTC)

another precious stolen moment

it's pitch dark, as i make my way down the street. i've snuck out the front door as quietly as i could to begin this all too familiar trek to the end of the block. i am on fire...every inch of me feels charged with sexual tension and electricity. i feel on edge...right there...just waiting to be pushed over...and to burst into a million exploding pieces so bright that i am literally blinded by anything but the pleasure i feel within the explosion.

i am almost there, and my heart is pounding out of my chest. i am a magnet...unable to go any other direction but the one that i am going. i am drawn and pulled toward the source that has become the center of my being. any and all logical thoughts fall to the wayside as i make me way to my destination. all that matters is that i arrive...so that we can satisfy our cravings.

and then i see the car there, waiting for me. the door opens as i approach, and as i slide inside, there are no words. actions speak so much louder than any words could and we are fused already...tongues dancing, mouths tasting, swallowing each others breaths. how is that this hunger NEVER DIES? how does it stay so heightened, never fading?

somehow he has driven the car to a more secluded place and we've made it to the back seat. in barely an instant, clothing is gone and our bodies are wrapped around each other...and when he penetrates me with his searing heat...i am FULL. full of everything i need. reflected in his eyes, i see the same heat that i feel inside me and i know i am about to go up into the most delicious flames. absorbed in one another, we turn and move and taste and fuck like we can't get enough. there is sheer steel beneath the velvety softness of his cock, as i use the tip like lipstick on my lips and then take as much of him as i can into my mouth. i sit astride him, feeling as if his fullness is reaching every place inside me that is so empty without him. i press the side of my face against the cool window as he fucks me from behind. i hold his beautiful head as his tongue flicks between my legs, toying with swollen, wanting parts of me. there isn't an inch of each other that we miss in our hunger. and then he is inside me again, and he moves with intent....knowing that i will cum again, even tho i've already done so several times. there is no limit to what he can bring me to. that sweet edge...the sweetest edge ever...is before me and i cling to him begging both to stay there in that moment, and also to be taken over that edge for all it's intense beauty. and then i'm crashing over it...shattering into those millions of brightly colored pieces...each one on fire and radiating thru me with a pleasure that i've only known with him. continuous pulses of heat going thru my entire body.

to have emotions crash thru with the waves of the orgasm make it all the more intense. so much love. hidden, but truer than anything i've ever known, coursing thru with each intense wave...love and pleasure...love and pleasure...all in one.

we lay in each others arms, breathing heavy, slick with sweat and we share lazy loving kisses. what is about this man? how does he turn me into someone else? with him...i an not MYSELF. i am someone better. i am exactly who i'm meant to be.

and yet...i'm not allowed to be her for long. only in these precious and rare stolen moments.

when i've made it back inside my house safely...uncaught, i'm often left wondering if it was all real. or did i just fall asleep on the couch and dream it all? did i just close my eyes and drift into carnal dreams, and now i've woken in the same place without actually ever moving? but the soreness in my entire body the next morning, always lets me know it was real. i have been VERY well fucked and loved. in his presence, i was brought to life in a way that i never am otherwise, and i've been taken to heights that i never have words to fully convey. and it may feel like it was only a dream, but i can smell him on my skin, and feel the ache between my legs where i was so completely filled.

and...now i must wait for the next perfect chance to steal. i am able to survive in emptiness, only because i know it will be filled in the stolen moments that come along. patience has never been such a worthy thing..as it is when i wait for him.