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2020-03-30 11:21:38 (UTC)

Red Faye

Well, I remember telling Faye that at times, she can be sweet and that is like a Red Faye. When she's mean, I call her Blue Faye. Anyway, we chatted again and she says she missed me again. She said she realized that she has an issue she needs to work on and that she only got mad at me because she has her inner demons she needs to work on. That was pretty deep. I have to say that I was touched by her honesty. Then she went on in detail about missing me and all the things she missed.

She went first from my physical things she liked and she was detailed from head to toe. I didn't know a female could be so precise and detailed in what they find attractive is a guy. Then she described my personality and she again was descriptive in what she said. She didn't just say you are cool and/or a nice guy. Nope, she mentioned detailed encounters, the fun, the silliness I can be, the deep thinking that we would sometimes chat about, and of course the romantic things I'd say that she say just drew her to me like a magnet. Now if that isn't an ego booster, I don't know what is.

Anyway, she did apologize and wished me well. This is the Red Faye I knew. Now I know she has to work on herself and I probably need to do that also but she brought up the possible future of meeting up again. But we both know it's not the right time and place. When she feels she is better, we shall see. But like I said before, I am clean with no issues and she isn't 100% and I don't know if I want that. In fact, more so that I don't want to go there. Sorry but it's just how life is.

But we hung up on good terms. I hope that Red Faye can work on herself and stay that way. But I don't think she's for me anymore. It's flattering and ego boosting but I don't think so. But I'll keep an open mind and I should be saying "never say never".

Sorry but I don't think I want to post the details about what she loves about me. I won't post her pic too because it just seems morally wrong. I mean, this website isn't like globally known so it's not a big deal but still, I don't feel it's right to post what she said. I think it was meant for me and for my heart. Her pic? Even that I know she probably meant it just for me so I can't post that too. I would feel shitty about doing so. But let me tell you peeps. The things she told me would make a lot of dudes go running to her. And her pic? Blue eye and pretty face? Even some shallow dudes would go running after her just with that pic. But not me. I don't just run for anything that looks hot anymore.

Sorry peeps. pic less pics today.

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