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2020-03-30 19:14:50 (UTC)

Standing Firm


What a productive day. Been pretty upbeat, busy, productive, but running low on steam. Ready for a nap 😴

Won’t take one just yet. I know my doctor will be calling in an hour I think if I remember correctly.

Still have things running through my head about yesterday. I just don’t understand the logic. DD2 was the one rushing things and all of a sudden change things, and still wants to text and say things, but doesn’t want the work? Um, ok.
Might be friends with ex’s, but I don’t stay friends with my ex’s. They are ex’s for a reason. Even friendships that have ended, I don’t try to fight to make it work. Once someone says they are done, and I make sure that’s what they want, then that door gets closed. It doesn’t get re opened. It’s closed for a reason.

Life is too short. I’m not going to sit and wallow, I just keep plugging away, and accepting people who say they wanna get to know me.....I’m not going to say no, because you may lose a tight friendship, so always leave the opportunity for friends. I just let everyone know straight up, I DO NOT want a physical relationship, I WILL NOT give out my phone number, I WILL NOT make plans to meet. Plain and simple. If they wanna get to know me, cool, we can text and chat. If not, cool too.

Bear is home early. They are off work tomorrow. I will be dealing with Limp tomorrow. Dreading it, but will be glad to get his crap outa here and he has no more reason to be here unless I ask him to be here, which is not likely.

Will work on getting the closed in porch cleaned tomorrow or Wednesday since Bear is off work. She works Thursday, and I guess she is off all next week as well. We should be able to get a ton done in that week and this weekend, tho they are calling for snow on Sunday. I hope that is not the case. I’m super sick of the snow, and cold. I’d love to have the warmer weather and sunshine. I’d be outside more.

But, enough for now, back to laundry and putting clothes up.