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2020-03-29 20:38:45 (UTC)


12:48 am

What a night.
I get home to find out DD2 put “single”, and when I called him, had enough balls to tell me I was “stalking his page and he did it to prove it”
Is that NOT a head game??
I explained “I sent a request, you refused it saying it’s because I’m here, so now that I got home, went to resend the request and seen it”.
“If I was just a weekend thing why not say something to my face before I left”
He replies “I can’t handle feeling like I’m married, I don’t want to be tied down, and your line of thinking you were just a weekend thing is way out of line”

Yeah, um, ok. Said he would call later after he prayed on it. He sent a text at 930pm asking how I was.
I said “fine, eating popcorn and watching tv. Son and I are disappointed and confused, but we will bounce back just fine”

He then sends the “I’m thinking of you and I love you” bullshit. More head games.

It’s allllllll good. I’m not too terribly torn. I was at first, but it dawned on me, a door closes and a new one opens. I won’t be back at his place. I will find people able to help me through the depression and struggles, not make them worse.


I’m exhausted, lol. Have the house to get cleaned today, again, she did nothing with the trash all weekend.

Kids are coughing.

I’m brewing my coffee.

Think I threw someone for a loop when I actually blocked everything last night. Everyone says the same, a douche.
I’m impressed I’m not upset.

Kids are up, so have a ton to do.
Will update later


Kids fed. Daughter called. She hung up but called back.

The sun is shining, awesome! I am going to pop some music in, get comfy clothes on and clean up the darn kitchen that someone couldn’t do while I was away on the weekend.

Messaged a few people last night, was nice. Kept my mind on other things.

Nascar is in a relationship. That’s cool, hopefully it works well for him.

Other than that, I’m in good spirits. Going to focus on getting this place in order yet again. Won’t be going anywhere this weekend, we only have the box for 10 days, and limp will be here tomorrow....so will be pulling his stuff out of the garage so it’s ready for him. I shouldn’t have to, but I don’t want him in my stuff.

Soooo, till later...

Enjoy the sunshine!!