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2020-03-30 00:28:10 (UTC)

Well well well, got a call from Blue Faye

Woah!! Didn't expect a call from Blue Faye but I did We did a vid chat on WhatsApp. Being a scientist in a lab growing cultures as stuff was her norm but now with Covid-19, she is working way buku overtime in the lab working. Yeah, I figured she'd be doing that. Funny, when this broke out, I wondered if she'd be busy. Just out of curiosity and I guessed right. Anyway, she's not getting much rest so it's work then home.

One thing with alll the craziness that is going on, she says she realizes that she misses me and that she may have made a mistake in letting me go. I'm thinking what? She got contaminated in her own shit in the lab or what? Then she describes in detail that things she misses about me. Woah!! She even sent me the pics we took (well actually I took of us) when we were together. She figured I got rid of them and she was right. I did.

Anyway, maybe I'll post a pic of us (cropped to remove my pick of course) so you folks can finally see what she looks like. She has blue eyes sometimes looking green depending on what she wore. Anyway, it was pretty cool to be missed and the way she described in detail what she missed about me and my body parts. lol .

It's late so I'll post more about it later. Not sure about posting her pic but we'll see and I'll try to remember what she said. Tired right now and I got a busy day at work... and I'm on my wine buzz so there is that. lol. So yeah, Blue Faye part two to come later. Good night for now peeps.

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