Experienced Life
2020-03-29 05:29:30 (UTC)

Saturday night solo party?

Ordered pizza delivery. They can drop it off on your front door without you having to open the door for contactless delivery. So ok, works for me. Got my pizza, had some beer in the fridge, 75" TV, cable, so yeah, I'm good. Eat, drink, watch tv, get drunk, pass out, all good. Had a dream that was boring as heck. I think someone was trying to sell me some collectable coins you know? You know how irritating it is when you get a sales guy trying to sell you something like collectible coins? Yeah not my thing. Boring ass dream. Woke up from it and what was on? An informercial selling of course collectable coins. Grrr!! I think I was watching the history channel I think and late at night, they have infomercials. What a boring dream. I 'm thinking, why didn't I watch a channel that had late night dirty movies? I wouldn't have minded getting that in my dreams. lol

So now I'm awake since I went to bed early. Sunday morning here. Not going anywhere so it's time for leftover pizza and more beer for breakfast. Staying home isn't so bad. I think on weekends, I finally get to catch up on my sleep. This time, if I"m sleepy I'll make sure I leave the TV on a more interesting (dirtier) channel in lieu of the history channel. lol

Ok, got the beer buzz happening again. Time for my 2nd Hobbit nap.