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2020-03-29 12:15:21 (UTC)

Facts 101


Been up for over 2 hours. Mind doing it’s usual shit.

Made coffee.

I’m in a dark place. Sad, how certain words drop a person’s soul down to a break point. It’s all good.
I’m realizing, my past relationships, well, weren’t really that different than my future relationships.

They all start out the same, and end the same. Means there’s nothing wrong with me, just how relationships go.

Men can tell you all day long they are different. Yeah, maybe in some ways, but reality is, they all the same in too many aspects.

Women aren’t much different. I’m not man hating. Just stating the obvious facts I’m starting to see and realize. Most women, are gold diggers, I’m not. Most women want to be spoiled emotionally, I sadly, don’t. Men are not capable of emotionally spoiling a woman, only at first because that rush of a challenge to mount that bitch is in their mind. Yeah I said it. Once that happens, that’s all they have ya around for, trust me, all are the same. If you don’t think as they do, say what they wanna hear, they will get that rush of going behind ya back and fish for the next rushing catch. They will have 3-4-5 women give them different needs they desire and use you as the mounting outlet.

Not saying I’m in that situation, I’m not. I’m smart enough to keep myself emotionally unattached. I’ve learned. Just smile, look pretty, and agree with whatever, and certainty, don’t speak unless spoken to, and NEVER bring up anything from your past. I mean nothing! Don’t ever mention a thing, wether it be Christmas, valentines, Easter, school, jobs, etc. don’t do it. And certainly NEVER, and I will stress NEVER mention ya ex’s. Men will soak it all in like sponges, use it to their advantage, and you will become vulnerable if you allow it. I’m telling you now, what ever man tells you, I’m different than most, yep, they might be to a certain degree, but remember men 101, the underlying man, are all the same.

Women, we are all underlined the same, we are needy, crazy, too emotional, and my list goes on.

Does that mean we have to change. Depends on the person/people. I’ll tell you now, 99.9 percent of men, will not change. Whatever makes you unhappy and you’re an idiot and tell them, they will feed on it. So, my advice, don’t ever show any weakness.....don’t show that you need them or want them. I’d advice you to be the same “player” they are. Life will go a lot smoother.

I will not be asking the people I removed off my snap and FB back. Either they request it, or I can show them I can be just fine without them. I don’t need the headache nor the jealousy nor the control. It’s always a double standard with men, no matter what. Once you face reality and realize, it’s always going to be this way, life will roll much smoother.

I’m not upset, I’m not angry, I’m not disappointed, I’m not hurt. I just had my euphony today. No man is lifetime marriage live together qualified.

With this, I’m going to get more coffee and possibly head home after I watch my online church service.

Happy Sunday