Do Not Disturb

2020-03-29 04:18:34 (UTC)

Because I Wanted Too

I told this really cute guy that I'm snapchat friends with that I had a dream about him to see what his reaction was and when I told him he sounded kind of like an ass because of what he was saying. I forgot what he said but he was an ass saying it. But a cute ass. He's in the military. He looks mixed but I believe is black but really really, red. Maybe I shouldn't have called him an ass after I said he was cute. Not the best reaction. I showed him a picture of me because he wanted to see what I look like. An old pic. And he said, " Oh okay." I don't know if, it was towards the pictures or, when I told him that it was the way he was talking to me. Who knows ? Who cares ? I don't. Okay... Maybe I kind of do. Answers. Answers...

- A