Carrie notes
2020-03-29 01:27:27 (UTC)


I have seen many people whose kindness have been taken for granted. It irks me that the very person you go out of your way to be kind to, turns around to make a mockery of your kindness. People are quick to assume that they can take advantage of people’s kindness. Kindness is not weakness. That someone will choose to be kind to you rather than be unkind does not mean that they are foolish. In my sojourn through life, I have learned that my integrity is strength. My kindness is not a weakness, and if the people around me do not understand this, I am still not bothered. I have come to realize that people who misuse the kindness shown to them are the people who need it the most. Whenever they pay back my kindness with rudeness or try to take advantage of it, I remember that my integrity is a strength. Do not let anyone mistake your kindness for weakness. When they do that to you, focus on being a better person. Smother them with kindness. It is also important that you learn to walk away from people who are not only taking your kindness for weakness but are also toxic. Such persons will drain you. In a bid to abuse the kindness and privilege you have shown them, they will end up draining you. Walk away from such persons.

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