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2020-03-28 23:45:24 (UTC)

Pissed off


Well, someone was at my house while I’m not there, I assumed it was my ex. Talked about it with company, and got the
“You’re sure hung up on your ex”
I immediately got pissed off. Walked away, went to have a smoke, and yes, SH’ed. Nothing major, but enough. It’s already burning and blistered.

Wasn’t sure how else to deal with the anger.

Now, they are asking why I’m so quiet. I said dono, just tired.

But pissed. Sick of comments like that.
“I don’t want you to change who you are” stated.
Yeah, ok, then why say that shit? Looking for a fight? I mentioned it before that it pisses me off. I mentioned my ex, because I assumed he was the one at my place. I’m just going to not talk about anything going on in my life.

I’ll be going to bed early. It’s raining, it’s cold as all heck. I been tired all day anyway. I did take a nap today.

I ate 1/2 blt sammach for dinner. Wasn’t hungry, but my son freaking out cause I didn’t wanna eat. So I ate something so he would be happy. He’s been all up in my bubble today, like trying to comfort me, protect me, who knows. Keep telling him I’m ok. A ton better than Thursday night. So I’m not going to complain.

But, it’s 640 pm and I’m guessing I’m going to take my medications, and probably go to bed early. I slept good last night, should sleep good tonight as well.
Even tho there’s a storm coming here. Guess it’s storming back at home.

Till next time—