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2020-03-28 20:07:39 (UTC)



Just up from a nap. Not in a good mood. Am pondering something I shouldn’t be pondering, but, will talk to my therapist on Monday about it. And go from there. Discuss the pros and cons to my decisions. I know two people know will say go for it....the rest will disagree. Self medicating.

My son is gaming while I grabbed a nap.
My eye sight has been blurry all day.
I’ve been tired all day.
But Thursday and Friday were extremely tiring days and drained me, so this is expected.

My therapist never called Friday. I sent an email, but as usual, I never get an email back. He rarely calls me either. I get it. He has a huge client list. But I rarely reach out and ask for help. When I can’t reach out and get the help from people, then what? I might as well just drop everyone and everything, and just self medicate. Once I’m self medicated I wouldn’t need to ask people for help.

I’m asking someone I trust, to help me out. Hope we can figure something out. I’m not going to get what I need from the people in real life who think they have all the answers to shit going on. Whether it works or not, is another story. Will see how it rolls. I’m sure my therapist will disapprove.

So, I am going to “relax”, and maybe eat dinner. Then watch a movie, medications and bed.

My love to ~DD1, DD2, DD3 & family/others