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2020-03-28 09:45:12 (UTC)

Left shoulder creaking 🥺

Yesterday at work, I was on break doing my jump roping. Well, I noticed my left shoulder bones starting to creak! WTF!! REALLY!!!?? It didn't hurt so I said oh well, sucks to be old. You know the sound like some people's knees make that sound when they get up. haha. But nope, I heard it on my shoulder. Sigh.. Anyway, I woke up today wearing the same clothes I had on yesterday because.... I dunno. Maybe I'm being a lazy bum? I want to blame covid-19 but how can I? Anyway, I went to massage my left shoulder a bit and I hear this creak again? I check and it's my dang new shirt that is causing the creaking sound. I bought a new Under Armor shirt and apparently, it has one of those sewed in tags that you have to cut before you wear. Not the tag that you cut off of a shirt for advertisement. It's the sewed in tag inside the shirt. Haha.

So now I'm not so old again. The creaking sound is from my dang shirt and not my shoulder bones. At least not yet anyway. Haha. I'm such a dumbass!!!