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2020-03-28 06:57:49 (UTC)

Morning coffee 😌 and a rambling mind

The bliss of having my morning coffee never gets boring. I love the smell of coffee and I've been grinding a bit of cinnamon stick in the grinder too. The smell and taste is even better. It's cold here which to me is weird. 50s high and 40s low (which it is right now). Warm under my fleece blanket. No flowers to look at because I'm trying my best to stay indoors.

I started subscribing to Amazon music. They had a free selection as a Prime member already but limited in music. Now with Amazon music subscription, I can play any song I want. Almost went with Spotify but meh, I just impulse purchased Amazon music. I think I'll be getting Amazon books and Audio package too. Forgot what you call that service but it's their audio and kindle library I think with the option to maybe pick any 2 titles a month. We'll see. It isn't much so I may do it,

Anyway, here I am in this all too similar situation. Coffee in bed sitting up with my legs nicely tucked under a blanket. I have Alexa playing Dan Folgerberg at a very low volume. I like the quiet. Of course, because of Covid-19, not a lot of cars on the road so it's really really quiet this morning which is even better. Yes, I'm an extravert but I do enjoy the quiet moments like this too. I can smile for no reason. I'm over that issue at work. And even though all my baskets of life are all whacky now because of the current situation, I am ok. I'm so glad loony-roomie is gone. She left at a perfect time.

I got a text last night that I only read this morning. It's from my ex wife. She texted asking how I'm doing. Hehe. I don't think she even saw a pic of me since I started working out. It seems so long ago. That part of my life has come and gone. She'd be a little surprised if she saw me now. Anyway, she also texted that she and the kiddos left to go to Nevada with her parents after all this crazy stuff happened which makes me happy. The parents live in an couple of acres away from the crowd in Pharump. So they don't have to worry about social distancing at all. No one near 1/2 an acre of them so it's all good. Kids should be safe. Safer than being here in CA anyway. I may send her a pic of me to show the kids. Maybe. Not sure. No need to start any drama but I do miss the kiddos so maybe it'll be cool for them to see how I look now. I mean I was 198 lbs before and now I'm around 160?

My gym has been doing online classes via Zoom. I haven't attended one yet. Not the same to me. I know now a very big part of going to the gym was the class interaction. I can do my own stuff at home. Last Wed, I ventured out to Walmart and bought the missing dumbbell weights that over the years, my ex's or whomever "borrowed" but never returned. My dumbbell weight set is now full again. I think it's from 5 - 35 lbs I think? Not sure. Anyway, Walmart had the last pair of 10 and 15 pound dumbbells. I guess everyone is thinking the same thing. Gym closed, start buying our own gear. It's like TP for gym peeps.

So no socializing happening at all. All except for the little sandwich shop at work. I go there for lunch during the week and this one Asian lady who I think is Chinese chats with me now (Across the counter way past 6'). She asks little things at first like where I work. Then what my race is because she didn't recognize it. Then the next time, more and more little things. So she's the only new person I've been chatting with. More her than me. I just sort of wanted my coffee so badly. I had my workout clothes once and she asked if it was cold outside. It was and I said yes, it's freezing for me. So she asks why I'm wearing shorts? hehe. I said I"m working out at my break room since almost the entire floor is empty right now. So that's about 100% of all my socializing right now. hehe. They close early because of the lack of customers so I always rush to get my last cup of coffee and or lunch at like 12:55PM. hehe. There is a small gym in the same building behind that cafe and I was going there once but the Cafe lady said it's closed and she knows because she used to go there too. Darn it!! That would've been my little secret workout place that I'd keep in my back pocket but nope. They closed that down too. I don't know why, most of the time I went there, it was just me in there anyway.

All my nice clothes are almost all still pretty clean and pressed. Without anyone being at work, I just dressed my old way. Comfy. Which means all grungy. So that makes it easier for less ironing. Don't know why I"m doing this. It's not like I won't be home a lot as of course we all are. Food is stocked. Alcohol is stocked. TP haven't been bought in a couple of months and I still have a lot so I'm good there.

My hair is getting longer. I was going to cut my hair just before the covid 19 issue but I didn't. When that broke out, they closed all the salons. So we're not supposed to touch our face specifically nose, ear, mouth, eyes, etc. Any membrane that the virus can enter. But it's at times torture! My hair is now tickling the inside of my ear as it's grown past the top of my ears. haha. I want to scratch it and I do but with a towel or something where my finger don't do the actual scratching. Even if I do wash my hands like it's going out of style, I still avoid directly touching my face with my hands. In fact, I wash my hands before and after peeing. Don't ask me why. I dunno why myself.

Luckily I bought a pack of nitrile gloves before the craziness happened just with the intention of when I clean the bathroom and household cleaning that requires me to use gloves. Way before this happened so I wasn't keeping these things from the hospital but now I'm using it when i have to go to the supermarket. Yup, I've become one of those people. Sigh...

Today, I'll make sure I get more jump roping in. I think I did 3,400 yesterday? Not sure how my calf muscles are feeling yet but if it's ok, I'll try to go for 3,500. I also should work on my core a little bit. It's been awhile and I want to keep my sorta kinda imaginative V shaped lat/core area that I have. I'm ok with my legs. My arms? Meh, still look like spongebob arms to me. It only looks ok when I flex and the light is just right and if I raise my arm at a certain angle. hehe. But yea, my arms suck. But that's ok because I'm ok with it. Again!! My fricking hair is tickling my ear lobes. AARRRGGGH!!!
I vote the Salon workers are now essential people. 😅 I now realize that I miss my hair stylist aka counselor aka bartender aka chat friend. lol Here is an old pic of her from a few years back.

You know what's funny? All these years on this site, I never posted any pics of my ex wife, ex gf, blue Faye, Superstar, etc, etc. Hmm. I wonder if people saw their pics, my experiences with them would make people think otherwise of them? Like my ex wife, the crap she put me through and I have messages telling me that they have never met anyone as evil as she is. Yet, if they saw her pic, I'd wonder if they'd change their minds because of her outer beauty? Hmm. Makes me think. Nah, just a fleeting thought. Just my mind unraveling after an intense week at work. I'm now letting my mind drift freestyle and letting the intensity of work stuff go away for the weekend.

Time for cup of coffee #2. Soooo.I went for my 2nd cup of coffee. Tested out my calf muscles a bit and yeah.... gonna have to wait on the jump roping till later this afternoon. It's fricking sore from yesterday. I'll give it till this afternoon to heal up a bit. It's cold. Couldn't wait to get back to bed and tuck my legs under this blanket. I may just give in and turn on the house heater so I can get some cleaning done in this house.

One thing I think I want to do is to unpack my Total Gym that I've had for years and never used. I think I'll set it up in the family room. I mean there won't be any guests here for awhile so it doesn't need to be "House and Garden" presentable. I think I'll do that. It does fold up so it won't be so cluttered but it's something I can do while I watch TV. Just like when I set up the ironing board in front of the TV, I get the ironing done while my brain draining device is still in front of me entertaining me. Yeah, I'll make that a goal for today. And..... maybe..... my dang taxes. haha.

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