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2020-03-28 14:31:03 (UTC)

Answers to Questions

Honest answers:

Well, I will be completely honest to all the questions asked....
However, I wish that nothing changes between us.

1. Do I honestly like you?
Yes, I like you for who you are, no matter the issues, actions, etc. I honestly wanted to say no, and put I luv ya, but assume you would take that poorly, so answered it this way, so you have the honest answer, and you don’t change unless you want to.

2. What one word describes you?
It’s hard to sum it up in one word. There are many words that describe you. All I can do is list the words that come to mind when I think of you...
1. Insecure
2. Growing as an individual
3. Caring
4. Loving
5. Unconditionally accepting
6. Active
7. Great looking for age
8. Awesome handwriting
9. Has no boundaries
It’s more of a list of things about you I guess. Sorry I couldn’t answer just the one word. There’s more I’m sure, but right now, only 1/2 cup of coffee and I’m sitting in the cold, peace, quiet (only noise is the ringing in my ears and head)

3. What’s sexy about you?
I would have to say your heart is the most sexy thing about you. You are like me, a huge heart. The next sexy thing about you is that clicking thing you do with the wink when you sign off on your snaps.

4. If there was one thing I could change about you, what would it be?
I would have to start with your inability to truly know yourself....what you truly are as an individual, and to stop trying to change to please others. (I can’t say much, I tend to change things about me to please other people in my life), but just don’t lose sight of who you truly are.

5. Would by feeling about you being “different” change my feelings for you?
I changed the word you posted for your protection, but if you are secure, I will correct it to the word you wrote.
But no, each person is different. I have male gay friends, some male drag queen friends, I have bisexual friends, both male and female, I have lesbian female friends, and straight friends. I don’t care about the person’s sexuality...to me, that’s not what makes a person, it’s part of who the person is, but not something to use as a complete description of the person.

6. Does your “dressing” alter my opinion of you?
No. Each person as I said, has things they like and dislike for activities or enjoyments on what makes them feel good or bad. I have many different dress styles depending on my moods, so me personally, would never use that as a reason to alter my opinion of someone.

7. If I could pick a female name for you, what would it be?
That’s a touch one to answer. The first one that comes to mind would be Diamond. Personally, you’re a diamond in the rough. Once you open up and find the real you, you will shine brighter than the purest diamond, and each diamond is cut differently, so fits perfect.

Hope this helps. I need to make more coffee, and have some awesome news....
I have lost weight. I am 135.8 pounds now! Sweeet! Just need to lose about 10 more pounds and start toning up so I look fabulous. Once I am toned, and slightly ripped, I can start to gain no more than 10-15 pounds.

I hear the little one is up, so will stop here and post again when I get the chance to.

Have a beautiful Saturday!!
~proud of my accomplishments