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2020-03-28 13:22:18 (UTC)

Broken Branch

Saturday morning

Everyone is still sleeping except Sheldon and myself.
I’m up making coffee.

We played dominos last night, uno, and watched three movies.

Much colder up here than at home. Plus there is still snow on the ground up here.

I did not drink last night.

Still a ton in my head, but I’m not feeling overwhelmed. Still completely exhausted tho.

Been some occasions where DD2 looked at my phone to see who I’m texting, chatting with. But he’s refusing to re add me on FB and snap. I’m sure I know why. It’s ok tho. I find it funny to an extent. Kinda clearing some things up for me mentally.

I’ll write a little more about that after I get coffee in me. Haven’t done that yet, just now brewing coffee. The auto brew didn’t work.


Aight, coffee in me, smoke in me, waiting on my daughter to call this morning. She called last night which surprised me. She called to apologize for her behavior yesterday morning....hanging up on me three times and saying I was trying to sabotage her recovery.

Other than that, things been ok. I still get mixed feeling from DD2 on some things.

I do know a few certainties....
1. Do not talk about problems/issues specially more than once
2. Do not talk about other people other than my children
3. He is very insecure but doesn’t want to be tied down on his end
4. He does not know how to be supportive
5. I need to take him off my list on the support for me

I’ll finish that up later. Waiting on my daughter to call, and going to cancel my requests on FB. I deleted sooo many people yesterday.
Only one, forgave me, but did not re add me. I won’t asked again to be re added to their FB’s. No point, if they wanted me to be added, they would have accepted the request. I get I removed people because I was in a bad spot mentally, but I should be forgiven when I apologize for my actions, if they can’t, then they aren’t worth the work for me to fix things. However, since we talked on the phone, he has not messaged me. So, I’m not sure, but think me calling and getting things off my mind and chest was a bad idea. It’s ok, the right support group will come in time. I will keep looking.

I’m going to post because I’m expecting my daughter to call me this morning.

Till later—-
A broken branch