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2020-03-27 18:27:36 (UTC)

Home sweet home

Just as I was about to leave work to go home, I get a call from my Superstar friend Rodica. She called saying she missed me and wanted to see how I was doing. I told her I was doing fine. Still at work. A little disappointed because I didn't get to interview for a new higher position. But it seemed so irrelevant after our talk. She asked if I want help praying for a good outcome. I told her no, I need prayers for more important things so I didn't want to waste it on just a job promotion. I know, I'm weird. I got this thing about prayers and to only ask when really needed and this is not really needed. It gave me an awakening of my attitude. So yeah, her call helped me a lot. I asked about her family and how it is being cooped up with her parents, sister, and brother. She says her junior high school brother is going nuts and creating havoc in the house playing around with her and her sister dropping ice down their back. haha.

It made me ashamed of why I was upset and disappointed. Anyway, we were chatting at work when I saw an IM on our work chat. My boss is asking if I'm available. While I was on the phone with my friend, he called. I recognize his number now. He called a couple nights ago already and I helped a customer out. Today, he wanted my help again for something. I look, I smile, and I ignored his call and kept chatting with my friend.

So yeah, took a day but I feel so much better after today's events. I have to remind myself that this job is not life. This job is to support my real life outside of work. I'm in a much better place now. I am home and I am at peace again. So glad my friend called just at the right time. It was like a perfect time for a call from her and I told her so. She says I'm such a nice guy. I told her that she is such a nice daughter and to tell her Mom I said so and that if she still gets an allowance, she should get more. Mondo insists. haha. My friend says I'm silly but she could use the money for college books.

Anyway, like I said I'm home now. My boss? Yeah. Not happening. I got my drink ready to rock. On my sofa ready to turn my mind into a vegetable watching TV tonight. Actually, it's sort of educational. I'm watching how it's made. Of course, I have a drink waiting for me here. Later peeps :)