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2020-03-27 20:39:22 (UTC)

So Damn Lovely ❤

Listening to: Private Parts - Halestorm

Every time I try to get a little closer
You shut down and the conversation's over
I'm right here, but you leave me in the dark
Show me your private parts.
Give it up baby, what are you afraid of
Love sucks when you don't know what it's made of
We get naked but I can't undress your heart
Show me your private parts, show me your private parts
~"Even when she is silent and biting her beautiful bottom lip, trying to hold in what her heart longs to say, I hear her.. and her voice is so damn lovely" ~ K.R.Cash

Wow the days just seem to escape me, flying by, Good evening! 🌙

I have been away again, obviously, I need to make this place a priority, more so since hiding indoors seems to be the responsible thing to do lately. This Covid-19 is getting scarier by the day. I am in Canada and the numbers are only in the thousands but I cannot imagine the fear of the Americans being up over 100, 000 I think I last heard? Give or take. I been behaving, only leaving to get groceries or go to the pharmacy. Although I have spent some time outside with my puppy, either taking him for a walk or working on DIY home decor crafts I been working on, for months lol. Least I am getting things done. I washed my bedding today and hung it out on the line. I usually dry things in the dryer but bedding has to go on the line, I love the smell of line-dried blankets in bed at nights. Sooooo soothing.

My work has me off until things subside, in my industry, we are not busy but considered essential. I accepted layoff due to being vulnerable with my severe asthma., so safer to take that and let it ride itself out. Besides, my puppy loves having me at home lol.

Everyone is in such a panic here, like everywhere else, hoarding toilet paper and sanitizer, Thankfully I am in good shape with both of those. I did not go overboard. Just what I need. I get the fear is real. I did buy a little extra food than I normally do because of being compromised. I don't want to go out as often as I usually do. I refilled some scripts, one extra month ahead on my inhalers, My Dr suggested having an extra of those. I understand the panic. I have seen so many people on Youtube talking about their experience with covid and it does sound scary. I am a huge cruise addict but there is no way you could get me on one. I know someone who actually went against advice and is now in quarantine. They almost missed the border closing. I am shocked at some people's willingness to put themselves and others at risk. Yes, seeing cruises so low in price looks sooo good and any other time I would have jumped on it but so not worth the risk. I will go again when all calms down.

I think this fear is messing with minds. As I have said here many times. I am an empath and I can honestly say it's been so mentally draining on me. I feel the fear, the hurts the stress of others. When I have to go out, it's overwhelming, I see the fear, I feel it. It leaves me feeling drained and physically ill. I can usually handle the daily day to day feelings of others but this is different, something I have not had a lot of experience with feeling different elements and volumes of fear. It's legit draining. Sometimes it's hard to feel my own in those moments, I don't know who's I am feeling. It just hits me like a brick. Apparently, it's quite common and many empaths I am aware of, are feeling the same thing. It's also taking a toll on their mental state, I see people more edgy and moody. I think depression is going to be a huge thing coming out of this current situation. Financially people are hurting and not having control is huge to most people. This is well beyond our control, all we can do is follow the guidelines set out for us and do our part to minimize the spread and stay indoors if possible. I only hope things get better soon. My heart breaks for so many..Until then I am limiting my outside contact and stay in my bubble lol. I commend the nurses, doctors and essential workers. Never frown on anyone who bags your groceries. They face so much risk in one hour than most (excluding drs, nurses emt's ect) My prayers go out to them and to anyone struggling. This will end, have faith. Reach out to family, friends and make sure they are ok, forgive the ones who seem short or easily upset. This isn't easy.❤

Ok rant over haha, I am passionate about what I care about lol I am off to go curl up in bed and read some while I soak up puppy cuddles. Be safe! I will do my best to post more often, I know I said that before but I will try harder haha, it's theraputic

Goodnight! ❤