Experienced Life
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2020-03-27 16:36:23 (UTC)

At work

So there is a skeleton crew at work. Maybe 4 or 5 of us here in the entire floor pretty much. So while it's not 100% safe, at least it's just 5 of us and we maintain our distance. In fact, it's funny because we have an entire aisle to ourselves. Normally we have a dozen peeps per aisle but not now. This is also great because no one uses the break room anymore. Once in awhile, the security guard comes by to pick up his lunch from the fridge and that's it.

When it's time for my lunch break, I ping my peeps and told them I'm going to jump rope in the break room. This is the only place that has a floor I can jump rope on. The rest is carpeted. I tell them I'll be in there for an hr so if they want in, they need to do it before I start. Unless they want my droplets. lol. So yeah, I have the break room to myself. I push all the tables and chairs to one side so I have room to jump. There is a big wall with the top 1/2 glass so I can at least see outside in the parking lot and street. This is where I go to jump rope. Today, it's 3,400 jumps. A couple of days ago, it was 3,200 jumps. Next time I need to go a little higher by at least 100 more. Hoping I got the strength to do it anyway. Well, it's almost 6PM here at work. I think it's time to go home. Later peeps.

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