Dear Diary
2020-03-27 20:44:59 (UTC)

Dear Diary

Today was so boring day. My sister was so mad at me and my sister. I don´t know why, but she is allways mad. Then I was facetiming with my friends. They are like family to me. My homies. My sisters. And, of course, we were playing Minecraft (Yes, Minecraft, I know XD) and playing some music. After that I was helping my grandparents in the garden. We were destroying some old roof bags. When I came home, I started to do some homeworks, because I was boring and I had nothing to do. After school, I went on a little walk with my dog. Now I don´t know what to write, because I didn´t do that much this day, but I already know, what I will do at nights. I will be watching Sherlock again, again and again. I know I sound like a maniac, but I am not. Sherlock really inspired me to life. I know a lot of things I didn´t know, not just about other things and people, but I know a lot of myself now. I see world in a new colors and perspective. I am not that heartless creature, what I was in last years and days. I am not more unfree. I am not that weak. I can feel a lot of feelings. I am so free. I am so stronger than before. Okay, now this is last sentence. hope that everything that is happening in the world will end one day.

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