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2020-03-27 12:29:52 (UTC)

Finally a little break in the action

Man oh man!! Work is crazy busy now. There are so many expedite requests and wanting to upgrade their connections due to the Virus issues. People telework now and they don't have enough bandwidth, Citrix accounts, slow vpn issues, etc, etc. Customers were forewarned about doing something before all of this happening and the anticipation of the things I just mentioned. But as usual, people are not proactive and are just reactive.
Now they are stuck. Well, I'd like to say "sucks to be you sucka!! They were told ahead of time but no.... don't listen and now you are suffering.

Anyway, we are now doing what we can. All the ISPs and Telcos are on a limited staff too so things don't get built as quickly. Yet the tickets are urgent and expedited. Pushed up to our CEO and then it trickles down to us to expedite. As if it'll happen any faster when they call our CEOs.

What got me upset is that my boss gave me an expedited request to do. It's normally handled by another group of 4 people. But to give me shit, he assigns it to me and it's an expedite. I told him I can figure it out but it's not my normal duties so it'll get done when it gets done. I asked if he wanted me to work out of scope and do it? I can. It'll just take longer than usual. He fucking knows there are 4 people designated to do that but yet, he gives it to me knowing this isn't my day-to-day routine. He just wanted to give me crap. I sent an IM to the team for my boss to read because he don't like reading emails. Get that! We are teleworking and he don't like reading emails!!See what I have to deal with? I have to tell him on IM to read his email
Anyway, told him the situation and if he wanted me to work on it. It'll take longer to complete. He said no and he'll reroute it to the normal team of 4 people that isn't doing anything at the moment to do it. Mother-effer!! I am shaking my head confirming my realization that this guy doesn't have any management skills.

So later on, I was chatting with this other Supervisor here in a different group. She maintains our app that documents all our work we do. Every ticket we work on is in this application. If you don't document it correctly, you get pinged saying you are doing it wrong. If you don't update your tickets in a timely manner, my boss's boss gets pinged and they in turn come to us asking why we haven't updated our tickets.

Well, I for one never get pinged. I update all my tickets. My work is well documented enough to make it not sound so techie-techie and enough for both non techies and techies to understand. Everything I document is crystal clear. In fact, I see boo-boos in the app and bring that up to that Supervisor and they in turn get it fixed with the dev ops people.

Anyway, back to speaking with that Supervisor. Again, I wanted an assessment from outside my boss's view. I informed her that I didn't even get an interview for that position and I wanted to know what I can do to improve myself as a better worker. Well, she gave me her honest assessment. She says that she knows I care about my work. I'm very good at documenting my work as I'm always prompt in documenting and updating my work before it gets flagged as being idle. She says she appreciates what I do to help her team get their work done and I'm very helpful in general. She thinks I'm a great employee and she will let my Supervisor know that I am to remind them of that.

So yeah, I got an outside Supervisor's opinion and she thinks I'm great and that I don't need to fix anything I do. It'd be so much better if my peers just followed my steps (So she says). So there you go. I now feel even more that my Supervisor is not so fair towards me. There is nothing I can do to fix him so I won't bother with him. I can keep working on myself to improve myself and that's what I'll do. Just like I do in life. I can only do the same at work and as in life same as work... you can't fix stupid. lol

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