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2020-03-27 19:04:14 (UTC)


I’m alive.
Saying my usual prayer, but don’t think it’s going to be heard.

(Deep sigh)
Wishing I could change things, but what will be will be. Things happen for a reason. My meltdown was for a reason. Not sure if the reason, but that’s ok.
Just have to go from here. Keep plugging away, best I can.

I’m going to get dressed and start cleaning up. Get the usual things done. Send the kids outside as well. Sun is just now peeking out to brighten the day. So will go out and enjoy it.

Till later——
💔I hope my love is not one sided. 💔


Outside getting stuff done.
Don’t think I’m getting that call or text to ease my mind, showing, well, it was all talk. It’s ok.

Sheldon is helping me outside. We have a lot done so am thankful he is the man of the house 😂.
Am going to get back to over doing it to get things done.

Praying for that call/text.


Kids are out playing. Got a lot done today already. Been productive. Over did it and started getting the shakes and a splitting headache so had to take a break.

(Deep sigh)
My heart is heavy today. Still battling the tears. My gut tells me it’s over. My heart wishes differently.
Want to see the heart beat the gut on this one.

I’m going to call. If no answer, then oh well. No answer, ok. Well, all I can is I’m sorry. Thought things were different. Guess not. I tried. All I can do.

Phone rings. All good.
(Sigh relief)
(Deep sigh)

I’m going to go back to doing what I need to.

Feeling relieved....but still battling tears.