wet blanket
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2020-03-27 15:09:22 (UTC)

i'm trying to express myself creatively and failing

Every time the glass shatters it takes some time so i can figure out what matters i feel awful you have to deal with the soothing the smoothing the only way we can get moving
I don't really wanna be here i think that's been made clear but i love you all so fucking much you've turned into my life's crutch please just treat me with a light touch
i'm angry and sad all the time, so mad sometimes it makes me rhyme.
I'm sick of telling everyone i'm fine but at the same time i can't be fucked rehearsing these lines
i reached my breaking point and now everyone's watching me and my aching joints
get away from me i'm not an alien, i just feel crowded by the space i'm in.
i can't make the right decisions but it's better than when i used to make hateful incisions (maybe?)
At the same time i believe the monsters that aren't visible convict the worst crimes.
Am i the very poison i'm so opposed against? or is that the loud voices inside my heads?
I want to give a healing touch but i also might need that very much
Am i the worst? I fear it might be true
i guess it's my life curse and karma is due where it's due.

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