Dear Diary
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2020-03-26 18:37:06 (UTC)

Dear Diary

This is my first note. Today was really crazy day. My mom and dad have desided to give me and my sister our owns laptops, because of homeworks from school in this quarantine. These laptops were supposed to be our birthday presents, but now They are not going to be presents. I already had a lot of plans, if I will have my own laptop, for example watching films or TV series, make homeworks, play games with friends and ,of course, write my diary as John Watson did. I know he is writting a blog of Sherlock Holmes, but They inspired me to do a lot of things. I am literatlly happy that my mom and dad did this, because now I am feeling so much good right now. I have always through that diaries are for kids, but now thid diary helps me run away from reality and all of my problems go away. This is way better than telling my friends about my problems or something. This really helps me and my health. I am not that stressed right now. I am feeling so free and calm. This is my last sentence of this diary.