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2020-03-26 03:30:54 (UTC)

Over Thinking - Good Night

Laying in bed, not feeling well at all. It’s 9:46pm. DD2 is on, didn’t want to call, and in the past, was in bed “asleep” by now, unless he’s outa his weed.
Going to be a rude shock when Friday rolls around and he’s begging me to come up there.
Not going to happen. Make an effort, I’m sick of making the effort.

Really hope I’m not sick with the mess going around. I’ll be spending the last Buck’s in the bank to be flying two people out to see me. One of them better be there for my last breath. Already said he’s on my bucket list 😂

But, I tried eating some soup, it’s not sitting well at all. Should have went with my usual soup instead of the unusual one. Was nasty 🤢

I haven’t heard those daily words either, just I miss you...uhhuh. I kinda guessed it. It’s cool tho, know why? There’s only one of me, and they broke the mold when they made me, so, there will be a nice void there 😂

Agreed next Tuesday limp will come get his crap. Should have the porch cleaned up by then, and will have the garage done as well and then have him on block and close the door.

(Bad Wolves - Zombie)
Took my medications....10:01pm

10:24pm, Sheldon is up sick 🤒

Going to call it a night.

Note to self:
One day at a time. You’re probably over thinking.
If not, his loss.
Live & learn. Enjoy, treasure the experience.